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Monitor, flag, and neutralize threats to quota

Threat Detect is your always-on, data-obsessed sales ops analysis team. In real-time, it analyzes every activity, every opportunity, and every rep on your team to surface actionable information for sales managers to save the day.

Always watching

Pathlight Threat Detect scans every data point in your sales stack, using the most relevant signals to alert managers when something is wrong. And Threat Detect’s algorithms are constantly tuned by Pathlight engineers to detect new risk vectors.

Instant alerts

The moment we detect a threat to quota – whether it’s the first sign of a deal being mismanaged, productivity dipping, or a bad habit forming – you’ll be the first to know, with enough warning to jump in, save the deal, and save the quarter.

Best-practices, immediately

A manager using Pathlight is automatically following best practices. They are managing the right leading indicators, they are fully aware of what their team is doing, and they are fixing issues the moment they are detected.

The best way to manage a sales team

The best sales managers are like psychic firefighters. They know where fires are burning that threaten their quota, put them out, and get back to work staring into crystal balls (or 15 browser tabs). For everyone else, we built Threat Detect so you can get an alert the moment you have a rep in peril (whether they realize it or not!), save the day, and get back to work strategizing for your team’s future growth.

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Every second of every day, Pathlight is watching

Monitor all threats

Close date pushes

Forecast downgrades

Inappropriate language

Deal losing momentum

Productivity dips

CRM field going stale

Budget decreases

Bad habits forming

Sales cycle lengthening

Sales rep skill gaps

Stop refreshing dashboards & getting lost in spreadsheets

The data is there. It just takes a PhD and 12 browser tabs to find it.

Sit back and let Pathlight tell you where you need to look.

Alerts however you want them

When something is wrong, we’ll tell the manager immediately with the context you need to further diagnose the issue (when it’d happen, which deal, by whom, etc.)

React and fix one click

In one click, a manager can archive an item or flag it for later review. They can even add coaching that will get immediately emailed to the rep.

Permanent papertrail

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and “1:1 docs”. Pathlight is your new memory. Every alert and flagged issue is stored and can be accessed from anywhere.

Monitor all threats

React & fix in one click

Customized for your process

Pathlight Threat Detect adds zero additional tools to your sales stack, instead toiling tirelessly in the background to improve leaders’ awareness while reducing manual work for your teams.

Ready for custom rules

Reflect your sales team’s unique considerations by setting precise rules. You can even preview the impact of rules on past data to test hypotheses about the most effective ways to detect threats for your team.

Built for custom coaching

When a manager decides to flag an alert for review, Pathlight can automatically suggest recommended coaching, assets, and training so they are always following best practice.