Be a world-class manager in 10 minutes a day

Pathlight is the assistant every manager deserves. You can do in minutes what would normally take world-class managers hours. How? We automate the science of management so you can focus on the art.

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The power of Pathlight's management platform is now available to anyone. Transform your team today.

Know everything

Get out of spreadsheet hell. Pathlight's insights automatically compare your team's performance against goals, analyze historical trends, and alert you the moment you need to intervene.

Communicate better

Great managers are great communicators. Coach and celebrate your team consistently with custom or automatic one-click messaging to keep everyone on track effortlessly.

Focus on what matters

Set individual priorities for each of your team members or let Pathlight's advanced prioritization algorithms keep everyone focused on whatever issue will most effectively move the needle.

“Frontline managers are a key CEO constituency, as important and deserving of attention and time as the senior executive team, business unit and functional heads, or major customers or investors.”

Fred Hassan, Harvard Business Review