Remote & WFH

Manage remote teams successfully

Pathlight gives you all the tools you need to manage your day-to-day team performance, from just about anywhere.

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Manage from anywhere

All the core metrics that matter for your team are updated in real-time and beautifully visualized so your team knows exactly how they are doing at any time and what to do about it.

Stay in the loop

With customizable, smart alerts you’ll be notified when anyone in your team hits their goal, is about to miss it, or is totally crushing it.

Keep morale high

Keep remote workers and teams motivated by recognizing, coaching, and supporting your team easily with our Slack and email integrations. Share performance trends with a simple click to back up your praise with real data.

Manage changes effectively

Pathlight removes the gridlock from communicating and implementing company wide changes. Update goals and roll-out changes with a personal message. Request acknowledgement so you know your team’s in the loop.

Coach in real-time

With over 20 customizable coaching templates, you can scale your coaching without leaving your home. Keep your team moving in lockstep with mini-goals, 1-on-1 agendas, tasks, and alerts.

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