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Empower agents to help onboard and support your customers, driving satisfaction, retention, and revenue.

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For the first time, we have a platform that empowers advocates, managers, and leaders to manage day-to-day performance in one place. It is an absolute must-have for customer experience teams worldwide.
Amber Aslanian Head of CX Operations
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Measure effortlessly

All the key performance metrics you care about, in one place. Beautifully visualized and instantly available to every level of the organization.

Manage changes effectively

Pathlight removes the gridlock from communicating and implementing company wide changes. Update goals and roll-out changes with a personal message. Request acknowledgement so you know your team’s in the loop.

Celebrate success early and often with data

Praise is more effective with real performance data to back it up. Help your team understand what excellence looks like.

Loved by agents and leads

Get your entire team working towards the same set of goals and metrics.

Agent accountability

Build accountability with both individuals and teams.

Real-time coaching

Active, real-time coaching with pre-set templates.

Productive 1:1s

Make your 1:1 more effective with rolling agenda templates.

Instant benchmarking

Benchmark at an individual metric level for both agents and teams.

Praise frequently

Data-driven praise is easy with our email and messenger integrations.

Radical transparency

Improve performance through visibility within and across teams.

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