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Deliver support experiences every traveler remembers

Ensure your team is staffed, evaluated, and performing optimally at all times.

“Our biggest win after starting to use Pathlight was that our managers were able to get out of the office and focus on the member experience on the floor. They were able to coach team members, receive real-time feedback on performance, identify areas of opportunity, and fix any issues in the moment.

Jimmy Hahn
Senior Vice President of Central Operations and Innovation
Growth in revenue with real-time coaching
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Spot performance gaps instantly

Don’t waste time on clunky spreadsheets to track performance. Spend more time on the floor, coaching agents to deliver exceptional experiences with 360-degree view of performance in realtime.

Diagram of Pathlight's Analytics features

Meet demand at scale

Don’t make travelers wait in their moment of need. Schedule the right number of agents with the right skills at the right time using AI and industry-standard headcount prediction algorithms to forecast upcoming labor demands based on historical volume and performance.

Identify fraud, quality, and compliance issues in realtime

Guard your business against vulnerability. Proactively identify fraud, compliance, and quality issues by auto-analyzing 100% of conversations across phone, email, chat, social, and other support channels.

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