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Make buyers and sellers happy

Coach, evaluate, and staff support teams managing complex relationships with both buyer and seller to boost CSAT, revenue, and retention.

"Pathlight has helped us have a much higher focus on the overall quality of support our team was providing. With the ability to track all key metrics in one place, we’ve been able to maintain an average CSAT of 4.85, improve initial response times by 59%, and decrease customer wait times times by 34%."

Jodi Freeman
Manager, Support Operations
Improvement in first response time
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Performance at a glance

Consolidate data across your support systems and get automatic insights, goals, and coaching recommendations to increase productivity and performance of your frontline staff to boost CSAT, reduce attrition, and improve loyalty.

Diagram of Pathlight's Analytics features
Diagram of Pathlight's QA features

Identify compliance breaches and fraud activity instantly

QA 100% of buyer and seller conversations across phone, email, chat, social, and other support channels. Make QA processes faster with automated flags for fraud and compliance issues, score suggestions, auto-assignments, and AI-driven sentiment analysis, phrase detection, and spelling and grammar audits.

Meet buyers and sellers in their moment of need

Make optimal staffing decisions to support buyers and sellers anywhere, anytime, no matter the channel. Meet service SLAs using AI and industry-standard headcount prediction models to estimate upcoming labor demands based on historical volume and performance.

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