Drive loyalty and revenue with exceptional player support

Coach your team to deliver exceptional support experiences that boosts retention and LTV.

“Pathlight is really helpful for me, especially when tracking the KPI scores of my agents on a daily/weekly basis. I can easily monitor their scores and QA audits in one place. I like how simple and clean the interface is. It's very easy to navigate through the features. I also find it easy sending coaching logs and reminders to my team."

Kate Lynne Martinez
Player Support Shift Lead

Tell a complete story of your team's performance

Get a 360-degree view of your player support performance with key goals, metrics, and trends—all in one place and updated in real-time.

Diagram of Pathlight's Analytics features
Diagram of Pathlight's QA features

Auto-analyze 100% of your service interactions

Quality matters when supporting players Proactively identify quality issues, compliance breaches, and fraud activity across all support channels in realtime.

Meet players in their moment of need

Deliver the right support at the right time with the right agents, Eliminate wait time by forecasting and scheduling the right number of agents based on historical volume and performance data.

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