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Maximize contact center performance

Unlock your team’s full potential by managing performance, quality assurance, and workforce management from a central location.

"While we used to think we could only hit 95% of our goals, with Pathlight, we've consistently surpassed our customer effort score goal, increasing it by 4% over 2022, which I never thought we would be able to do."

Daniel Simon
Business Systems Analyst
Improvement in Customer Effort Score
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Track performance and course-correct in realtime

Connect data across your tech stack and allow everyone, from leaders to the frontlines, to understand their performance in realtime. Improve manager-to-employee ratios and reduce costly agent turnover with AI-driven insights, automated coaching, and dynamic goals.

Diagram of Pathlight's Analytics features
Diagram of Pathlight's QA features

Scale omnichannel QA processes

Meet customer expectations and company standards, and boost agent performance across every touchpoint. Achieve 100%  ticket coverage by automating QA processes and workflows with automated score suggestions, grader assignment, and AI-driven sentiment analysis, phrase detection, and spelling and grammar audits.

Make optimal staffing decisions

Schedule the right number of agents with the right skills at the right time to stay ahead of demand, improve customer experience, and reduce headcount expenses. Automate schedule creation and attendance workflows to drive efficiency and maximize productivity with predictive models that use historical data to accurately forecast future staffing needs.

Integrate with your tools

Pathlight integrates with dozens of platforms, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, NICE, Genesys, and many more.

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