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With Pathlight, I found myself managing more effectively while saving time and making sure nothing fell through the cracks. Because my AEs and I were looking at the same thing, they were empowered to take control of their own performance.

Torri G, Sales Manager

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How to become a world-class manager

1. Connect company purpose to individual action

If your team understands the “why” behind their actions and how it directly impacts the organization’s goals, they are much more likely to take action.

2. Coach with genuine candor

Continual improvement can only be achieved through honest conversation. Great managers ask questions that lower defenses and increase self-reflection.

3. Connect work to inner motivation

Exceptional managers are curious about the inner motivations of their employees. Does she enjoy meeting new people? Mastering new skills? Finding this out can help you create new opportunities for growth.

4. Recognize and reward excellence

It’s important to show your team that you respect them and that they really matter. Identify and celebrate successes even if they are small. Even if nobody else believes in your team, you must—and show it often.

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