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How to create accountability in your teams

1. Establish clear expectations from the outset

Clarity is at the heart of accountability. Any time you are holding one of your employees accountable for something, it should be clear from the outset what the desired outcomes are, how those outcomes will be measured, and how your team member plans to achieve those outcomes.

2. Make it meaningful

To help your team members feel accountable, connect their work to the goals of the broader company so they understand how they are contributing to organization-wide priorities.

3. Provide the necessary resources

It is important to know from the beginning that you are setting your employees up for success. If employees do not feel that they are set up for success, they are more likely to place blame on outside sources to explain why they were not successful rather than holding themselves accountable.

4. Check in frequently and provide coaching

If you introduce accountability into a team that isn’t used to it, it will take time. It’s important to check in frequently and provide the team the coaching they need to stay accountable.

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