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Jenie Ferrer, Customer Advocate, ECE Consulting Group

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How to get that promotion

1. Take charge of your own career

The number one thing holding you back from a promotion is blaming others for your lack of success. If you want to be promoted, the first step is to take charge of your own career growth.

2. Be a leader today

Show your boss that you are ready by taking on new projects and owning it fully. If you want to be promoted start acting and working like a leader today.

3. Keep learning

The future of work is about being a continuous learner. Show your manager that you are investing in your own success by picking up new skills.

4. Make yourself indispensable

Make yourself indispensable to team members as well as to your manager for something specific—like creating a great sales deck, being a master of your BI system, or solving problems creatively.

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