Team Management

Manage in realtime with real data

Equip everyone to fix problems before they start and celebrate early wins.

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Find potential problems faster

Pathlight alerts you to potential performance problems by organizing and presenting performance data by both team and individuals.

Collaborate with meaningful context

Communicate with your team by embedding real-time performance snapshots and reports in your message so they know where to focus.

See how Earnin lifts Customer Satisfaction and creates a culture of coaching with Pathlight
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For the first time, we have a platform that empowers advocates, managers, and leaders to manage day-to-day performance in one place. It is an absolute must-have for customer experience teams worldwide.
Amber Aslanian, Head of CX Operations
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Course-correct quickly and get back on track

Save time and stay productive by using our pre-set templates, assigning tasks, and setting mini-goals to get your team back on track.

Hit your goals

Over 76% of managers and directors say that Pathlight directly increases their team's performance.

Source: Pathlight User Survey

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A new platform for a new generation of leaders

Our founders explain why we started Pathlight: to empower every team to achieve their professional best.

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