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Quality Assurance (QA)

Ensure quality engagement

Monitor, analyze, and score the quality of every customer service interaction to meet customer expectations and company standards at scale. 

Go beyond CSAT. Deliver targeted feedback

CSAT alone won’t give you a clear understanding of customer service performance. Review every interaction to understand what drives customer satisfaction and deliver focused feedback to maintain excellent support quality. 

Eliminate manual processes. Let AI do the work for you

Leverage machine learning and intelligent automations to make QA processes smarter, faster, and frictionless. Automatically detect communication gaps, sentiment, grammar and spelling errors, and more. 

Employee ranking.
Employee ranking.
Employee ranking.

Consolidate all of your metrics in one place

Integrate QA with performance analytics to deliver personalized coaching and improve customer interactions.

With Pathlight QA you get:

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Omnichannel Support

QA conversations across chat, email, and phone.

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Custom Scorecards

Customize scorecards to meet your business and support needs. 

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Automatic Assignment

Assign tickets to graders based on tags, ticket status, and other fields.

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Root-cause Analysis

Drill down QA scores to identify specific interactions that caused poor CSAT. 

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AI Assistance

Automatically detect sentiment, spelling and grammatical errors, and specific phrases.

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Grade Sharing & Appeals

Automate grade sharing and ensure fairness through integrated appeal process

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Side-by-side view

View agent interactions and QA scorecards side-by-side.

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Score Correlation

Correlate CSAT with quality scores for individuals and teams.

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Highlight specific text or interactions to deliver focused feedback.

Jen Burton Headshot

Digit is on a mission to make financial health effortless and we strive to make the customer support experience effortless as well. It’s critical to our business that we ensure our interactions with customers meet or exceed their expectations. Understanding what's happening across those interactions and knowing where to focus and how to empower our team to do better enables us to achieve our CX goals. This is where Pathlight and their QA offering plays such an important part of that strategy.

Jen Burton
Head of Customer Support at Digit

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