Performance Intelligence

Understand performance like never before

Get a complete view of your contact center performance with key goals, metrics, and trends — all in one place, updated in realtime.

Eliminate data silos

The days of managing multiple tabs and spreadsheets are over. Get a holistic line of sight into team and individual performance, across all your support systems, in a single pane of glass.

Performance at a glance

Is your team crushing it? Who needs help? Our algorithms analyzes performance data against your organization’s top metrics and presents actionable summary with coaching recommendations.

Automate performance benchmarks

Eliminate guesswork. Leverage AI to dynamically set goals for every metric, team, and individual, based on historical performance.

Bring out the best in everyone

Drive transparency, accountability, and friendly camaraderie. Celebrate wins and gamify performance with gifts, shoutouts, and leaderboards.

Deliver personalized coaching at scale

Throw out the one size fits all coaching approach. Deliver personalized coaching at scale with data-driven 1:1s, dynamic mini-goals, and realtime performance insights.

Integrate with your tools

Pathlight integrates with dozens of platforms, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, NICE, Genesys, and many more.

“We see 90% of our team members checking Pathlight almost daily to see how they are performing, and we know that is driving exceptional performance across our entire network of airports. We’ve seen almost all of our core metrics rise since we implemented Pathlight and we are incredibly proud of that success.”

Jimmy Hahn
SVP, Central Operations & Innovation
Improvement across critical performance metrics
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