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Everything you need to know about how your team is performing, all in one place.

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Tell a complete story of your team’s performance with key goals, metrics, and performance trends—all in one place and updated in real-time.

Keep a pulse on your team’s health

Is your team crushing it? Who needs help? Our algorithms do the analysis and present you with personalized health scores so you can focus on managing.

With Pathlight, we created a scalable culture of success that empowered our AEs and celebrated big wins. Best of all, we were able to do all of this in a matter of days, and even saw a 6% increase in revenue month over month.

Jon J, Head of Sales

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Benchmark performance with a click

Is your team keeping up with other teams? What makes a superstar? Understand and share drivers of good performance so everyone gets better.

Manage more

88% of managers and directors strongly agree that, with Pathlight, they can manage more people.

Source: Pathlight User Survey

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A new platform for a new generation of leaders

Our founders explain why we started Pathlight: to empower every team to achieve their professional best.

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