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Your command center to manage, coach, and lead like a pro.

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Connect Pathlight to your data sources

We integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, Zendesk, Outreach, Stella Connect, and many other applications.


Define your goals and metrics

Establish your team goals. Define your core metrics and how you would like to track them.


Collaborate with context

Drill down into any metric, easily review trends over time, and understand the entire story of your team's performance in a glance.


Celebrate success with data

Celebrate your team’s wins early and often. Back up your praise with real performance data by embedding data snapshots in your messages.


Supercharge your coaching and 1:1s

See a team member falling behind? Supporting them is easy with our 20+ customizable coaching templates. Make your 1:1s more productive with our pre-set agenda templates.

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