Discover Hidden Insights

Uncover new business opportunities and risks

Spot trends and opportunities, mitigate risks and improve business processes that optimize your customers' experience

Discover what is really happening in your business

Get a bird's-eye view over all your interactions with customers. See customer and agent sentiment over every conversation, not just via occasional CSAT surveys. Keep a pulse on QA scores across multiple channels. Discover trends in customer service requests and whether they were resolved - so that you can make decisions based on data, rather than relying on instincts.

Get answers to complex queries with natural language search

Don’t be limited by a search that only returns results based on keyword matching. Pathlight’s search capabilities extract the meaning from the query and return conversations that you may have missed before.

Find the right conversations to review

Slice and dice your conversations to your unique use case. Seamlessly filter interactions according to ticket type, tags, customer segment, sentiment, data source or any other personalized criteria.

Put a world-class manager in everyone's pocket

Empower your customer-facing teams with insights, autonomous guidance and coaching to make better decisions and improve their performance faster. Pathlight Conversation Intelligence analyzes millions of points of performance data - from customer interactions to employee KPIs, goals and benchmarks - in order to provide objective and helpful data-driven coaching, in real time.

"Using Pathlight QA has improved our agents’ engagement with and understanding of the metrics they’re measured by. It’s increased their agency because they’re more aware of and in control of their scores and feel empowered to make changes—and see results."

Kristin Torres
Director of customer Experience
Improvement in QA scores
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