Omnichannel Capture

100% visibility into your customer conversations

Capture, transcribe and evaluate every customer conversation across every channel, in real time.

Capture every interaction across every channel

Monitor all conversations from one central location, whether they be call recordings, chats, emails, social or any other channel. Connect all your systems, tools and data sources using pre-built integrations and open APIs.

Focus on the right conversations

With thousands of touch points happening every day, it is easy to miss critical conversations that need to be reviewed. Configure custom rules to filter conversations by issue type, channel, data source, tags and more.

Best-in-class transcription

Accurate transcription of customer calls is vital for uncovering valuable insights that enhance your customers' experience. Save your team hundreds of hours of work by using Pathlight’s powerful AI, trained on over 1.1 million hours of voice data, to automatically transcribe and analyze all your inbound and outbound calls with near human-level accuracy.

"Using Pathlight QA has improved our agents’ engagement with and understanding of the metrics they’re measured by. It’s increased their agency because they’re more aware of and in control of their scores and feel empowered to make changes—and see results."

Kristin Torres
Director of customer Experience
Improvement in QA scores
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