QA and score 100% of your support tickets, automatically

AI Call Center Quality Assurance Software

Review and score 100% of customer conversations across phone, email, chat and other support channels in your call center — no training needed.

100% QA coverage from day one

Shift from evaluating 1-3% tickets to automatically analyzing the entirety of your calls, chats, emails or any other support channel. Build specific rules that precisely select which tickets to run AutoQA and guard your business against vulnerability by automatically detecting potential fraud attempts and compliance breaches.

Customize coaching and feedback for every customer service agent

Use Generative AI to automatically analyze and score every customer conversation and deliver in-the-moment coaching and guidance, personalized to each agent.

Manual Quality assurance made easy

Review and score conversations and deliver contextual feedback easily. View agent interactions and QA scorecards side-by-side and annotate specific text or interactions to deliver targeted feedback.

With Pathlight Auto QA you get:

Automate quality processes to monitor, analyze & score interactions.

Omnichannel Support
QA conversations across chat, email and phone.
Custom Scorecards
Customize scorecards to meet your business and support needs.
Automatic Assignments
Assign tickets to graders based on tags, ticket status and other fields.
Root-cause Analysis
Drill down QA scores to identify specific interactions that caused poor CSAT.
AI Assistance
Automatically detect sentiment, spelling and grammatical errors and specific phrases.
Grade Sharing & Appeals
Automate grade sharing and ensure fairness through an integrated appeal process.
Side-by-side view
View ticket and QA scorecards, and manual QA and AutoQA insights, side-by-side.
Score Correlation
Correlate customer satisfaction with quality scores for individuals and teams.
Highlight specific text or interactions to deliver focused feedback.
Flag, sample, & assign low scoring tickets, sentiment, or specific phrases for manual review.
Custom Rules & Criteria
Select, analyze and grade specific types of tickets based on custom criteria, questions and scores. 
Integrated ChatGPT
Automatically get question by question scores, coaching recommendations, and interaction summaries with built-in ChatGPT.

Using Pathlight QA has improved our agents’ engagement with and understanding of the metrics they’re measured by. It’s increased their agency because they’re more aware of and in control of their scores and feel empowered to make changes—and see results.

Kim Torres
Quality Assurance Lead
Improvement in Customer Effort Score (CES)
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