Analyze with AI

Deeply analyze 100% of customer conversations

Gain new visibility into customer interactions to better understand your customers and improve your team’s performance.

Understand your customers instantly

Don't spend hours reviewing conversations. Gain an instant understanding of what your customers are saying with AI-driven, natural language summarization.

Automatically tag conversations

Eliminate the cumbersome process of manually tagging conversations or training AI engines that can only tag based on a predefined data set. Auto-generate tags based on new conversation data to quickly identify emerging trends and topics, proactively recognize product and service issues and flag compliance and fraud risks in real-time.

Get answers to any question

Whether you want answers to known questions or have a new question in mind, harness Pathlight’s Generative AI to effortlessly ask and receive accurate answers in natural language.

"Using Pathlight QA has improved our agents’ engagement with and understanding of the metrics they’re measured by. It’s increased their agency because they’re more aware of and in control of their scores and feel empowered to make changes—and see results."

Kristin Torres
Director of customer Experience
Improvement in QA scores
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