Turn conversations into insights with AI 

Conversation Intelligence Software

Leveraging the latest in Generative AI, our Conversation Intelligence platform captures and analyzes 100% of your customer conversations - enabling you to swiftly identify trends, seize opportunities, and make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Capture every  conversation across every channel

Capture, transcribe, tag and categorize every customer conversation, across every channel, using Pathlight's data pipelines and large language models. Configure custom scoring and tagging that maps to your products and industry. Click here to learn more.

Analyze with AI to uncover hidden insights

Gain full insight into customer interactions across all channels. Identify trends, seize opportunities and mitigate risks with a comprehensive understanding of your business. Make informed decisions based on data, rather than relying on instincts. Click here to learn more.

Use our conversation intelligence platform to discover hidden insights

Automate hours of data analysis and surface hidden insights that you simply wouldn't have found before. Use this new intelligence to align closer with your customers, respond to business opportunities and more effectively coach your team. Click here to learn more.

AutoQA agent performance at scale

Shift from evaluating 1-3% tickets to automatically analyzing the entirety of your calls, chats, emails or any other support channel. Build specific rules to precisely select the type of tickets to run analysis on and guard your business against vulnerability by automatically detecting potential fraud attempts and compliance breaches. Click here to learn more.

"Within 24 hours of implementing Pathlight Conversation Intelligence, we discovered an opportunity to improve agent performance and quickly took action. The decisive measures we implemented, guided by Pathlight's insights, led to a double-digit percent increase in our QA scores."

Ken Shields
Director of customer Experience
Improvement in QA scores

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