Conversation Intelligence

Turn conversations into strategic insights and action

Leverage AI-driven Conversation Intelligence to capture and analyze all customer conversations, enabling you to swiftly identify trends, QA issues, seize opportunities, and make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Analyze every conversation across every channel with AI, no training required.

Capture, transcribe, tag, and categorize every customer conversation across every channel using Pathlight's data pipelines and language models. Configure custom scoring and tagging that maps to your products and industry.

Uncover insights and track trends in real-time

Gain full insight into customer interactions across all channels, allowing you to identify trends, seize opportunities, and mitigate risks for a comprehensive understanding of your business. Capitalize on opportunities in a timely manner and make informed decisions based on data, rather than relying on instincts.

Deliver personalized guidance when needed

Deliver targeted, detailed feedback. Focus on the parts of each conversation that need attention. Build custom scorecards, view interactions side-by-side, and annotate specific phrases to deliver targeted feedback.

Ask new questions and get amazing answers

Get answers to any question, no training or reconfiguration require. Whether it is understanding how the team is performing or how customers are reacting to a new product or service, Pathlight’s AI chatbot can perform analysis on the fly and get you the answers you need.

With Pathlight Conversation Intelligence you get:

Omnichannel Support
Analyze conversations from call recordings, transcripts, chat logs, emails, and other support channels.
Automatically convert audio and video recordings into transcripts to analyze the content of conversations.
Automatically tag conversations based on pre-defined categories or configurable natural language descriptions such as profanity used, compliance breach, etc.
AI-driven summary on performance and support interaction allows you to quickly identify coaching opportunities and accelerate time to action.
Customer Insights
Expand your lens into customer experience and engagement with automated insights on trends, tone, common issues, and other topics relevant to your business.
Semantic Query Interface
Ask any question in a natural language and get answers, related insights, and relevant conversation results.

Integrate with your tools

Pathlight integrates with dozens of platforms, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, NICE, Genesys, and many more.

Using Pathlight QA has improved our agents’ engagement with and understanding of the metrics they’re measured by. It’s increased their agency because they’re more aware of and in control of their scores and feel empowered to make changes—and see results.

Kim Torres
Quality Assurance Lead
Improvement in Customer Effort Score (CES)
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