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Be a world-class manager

Your command center to manage, coach, and lead like a pro.

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Supercharge coaching and onboarding

Don’t let anyone fall behind! Whether your team is within shouting distance or oceans away, Pathlight provides you the tools to coach like a pro.

Celebrate success early and often with data

Praise is more effective with real performance data to back it up. Help your team understand what excellence looks like.

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Pathlight saves me over 5 hours a week and empowers me to provide timely, effective coaching to my team. With Pathlight, I’m a better manager and my team is more successful.
Ashley Rowe, Manager of Center of Excellence
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Have more impactful 1-on-1s

Collaborate on 1-on-1s with pre-set agenda templates. Embed performance snapshots to help focus your meeting on coaching, skill development, or course-correction.

Coach more

85% of our managers and directors say that they are able to coach more frequently with Pathlight.

Source: Pathlight User Survey

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A new platform for a new generation of leaders

Our founders explain why we started Pathlight: to empower every team to achieve their professional best.

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In a remote world, let data drive

Companies need a long-term solution that boosts engagement, creates trust, and encourages self-management.

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The biggest mistakes managers make when managing millennials

Millenials are on track to comprise up to 75% of the workforce by 2025...

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