Introducing AI Manager

A world-class manager in everyone's pocket

Empower your customer-facing teams with insights powered by Pathlight and GPT-4. Let AI Manager transform your management, while you focus on leading and supporting your team.

Real-time Conversation Intelligence

AI Manager + Pathlight Conversation Intelligence means every single customer interaction is analyzed in real-time by AI and important insights are immediately surfaced to employees and managers.

Real-time Performance Intelligence

AI Manager revolutionizes the way employees understand their performance by offering real-time analysis and insights in a chat interface that is always available. By constantly monitoring metrics, it provides instant feedback and recommendations tailored to each individual.

Turn insights into actions

AI Manager will recommend actions based off your existing training and L&D content, ensuring every employee is given the proper guidance they need to stay on the path to success.

Give managers AI superpowers

AI Manager automates the hours of data analysis every manager needs to do, freeing up valuable time for them to focus on what matters most—leading, supporting, and mentoring their teams.

Train your team faster

AI Manager learns from your company's knowledge base, efficiently answering employees' frequently asked questions and promoting a more informed and self-reliant workforce.

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