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Advanced machine learning and data consolidation power Pathlight's next-generation platform.

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steer the ship faster

Creating alignment by turning data into frontline actions

Your key to speed (and a successful future) is alignment. From leadership to the front line, Pathlight aligns every stakeholder around top priorities.

How it works

Roll out leadership strategy to thousands of employees instantly

Pathlight empowers every layer to actively contribute to your organizational strategy every day.

Leaders set and disseminate strategy via Paths

Query our proprietary behavioral database, composed of data from your most important systems, and send strategic marching orders to any part of your org chart immediately.

Paths allow you to drive change to thousands in a few clicks.

Managers coach their teams in line with priorities

Managers leverage advanced alerting and coaching systems to effectively manage reports against that strategy.

Managers know the moment their team is off track and course-correct with coaching immediately.

Frontline employees receive actionable guidance

The front line receives clear instructions every day, fully prioritized in line with organizational strategy. 

Every frontline employee receives bias-free management with quality coaching, regardless of background or experience.

Why pathlight?

State-of-the-art technology for the modern organization

SOTA Data Pipelining

Rapid ingestion and consolidation of disparate data sources with automatic attribution.

Machine Learning

Proprietary models powering everything from behavior prioritization to data enrichment.

Elastic Infrastructure

Single-tenant, scalable, secure, highly performant, and VPC ready.

Powering the digital enterprise

Turning Data into Habit With Artificial Intelligence

Powerful machine learning algorithms help you get more out of your most important data so you can operate faster.

Machine learning underpins Management Automation.
We leverage advanced algorithms for data enrichment and attribution and behavior prioritization.
Management is a science and an art, and when Pathlight automates the science, managers can invest in the human elements of management they do best. Better outcomes for all.

Management automation is here

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