AI Bill of Rights

Pathlight safeguards your private data, ensuring it is not used for AI training, not shared with others, and allowing you complete control over data storage, deletion, and its interaction with our AI models.

Your Data Will Never Be Used For Training

At Pathlight, your private data is just that - private. It will never be utilized to train the language models used in analyzing customer conversations. Every interaction, every conversation, every data point you generate is kept confidential and unique to your account. These AI models, whether internally or externally hosted, are designed and honed using publicly available data, ensuring that your sensitive or identifiable customer information remains uninvolved.

Your Data Will Never Be Shared With Other Customers

Data security is paramount at Pathlight. We guarantee that your private data, your conversations, your insights remain safely within the confines of your account, never to be shared with other customers' data. Our AI applications operate under rigorous privacy standards and protect your private data through advanced security measures and best practices. Pathlight's infrastructure is fortified with stringent security protocols, acting as a solid shield against potential breaches or unauthorized access.

You Have Control Over Where Your Data Is Sent

Pathlight empowers you with the full authority over your private data, allowing you to decide which AI models process and analyze your customer conversations. This control over your data's journey helps shape the insights you receive and ensures that your private data interacts only with the systems you select. At Pathlight, we strive for transparent AI processes, ensuring you're always informed and in control of your private data's journey and usage.

You Have Control Over Data Storage and Deletion

Pathlight enables you to govern your private data's storage and deletion. You can specify the storage duration of your private data on our servers, after which it is securely purged. If you desire your private data to be deleted at any point, we respect that decision and follow strict procedures to ensure its permanent removal. This policy aligns with Pathlight's commitment to data autonomy, underlining our dedication to putting you in control of your information.

Pathlight's primary objective is to provide a secure, trustworthy environment for the use of AI applications in unearthing customer conversation insights. Your trust is our priority, and we continuously strive to uphold it through transparency, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to safeguarding your rights.


A company-wide priority

Security is at the forefront of everything we do at Pathlight – we take security very seriously. This is not just about securing our customers, it is also about securing our platform and our customers’ data. It is everyone’s role at Pathlight to make sure we are as secure as possible.


Data center security

Our service runs 100% on Amazon Web Services’ highly secured data centers which have several certifications, including SOC II, PCI DSS, and HIPAA. We deploy and maintain best practices to secure that infrastructure including network and data security, and customer data segregation.


PII Free Storage

By default, Pathlight does not store any data from our customers' integrated systems. The only data we store are the aggregated performance metrics and any related metadata. Combined with our advanced sync schema controls, the vast majority of PII never touches our servers.


Single-tenancy and data ownership for Pathlight Enterprise

Pathlight Enterprise customer’s data is siloed in their own single-tenant data warehouse and Virtual Private Cloud. Customers have the option of fully owning and controlling their VPC.


Customer confidentiality

As a customer-first organization, we are committed to not breaking trust with our prospects, customers, or business partners by publicly releasing information about their data, their security, their vulnerabilities, or any proprietary information without their consent. We take the confidentiality of that information seriously.


Security best practices

From stringent employee recruiting and onboarding to office security, access privileges, and infrastructure change management, we ensure industry best practices are being followed by every team member, every day.


Responsible disclosure

We believe in the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities to our service and will reply to all reported vulnerabilities