Get realtime insights on team and seller performance against goals, deeply analyze conversations to proactively identify performance gaps, and deliver focused coaching to meet revenue targets at scale.

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Why connect Pathlight to Salesforce Sales Cloud?

LConnect Salesforce Service Cloud to streamline performance tracking and evaluation across you global sales organization. Measure every rep using the same KPIs and definitions, get org-wide visibility into individual and team performance, and quickly identify who is underperforming and impacting revenue targets.

Powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI, sales conversation to swiftly identify quality issues and surface trends and opportunities to help you make data-driven decisions and personalize coaching at scale.


  • Single line of sight into sales team performance across email, chat, voice, and other systems
  • Configure custom metrics and goals for each team and rep
  • AI-driven goal-setting and evaluation based on historical performance
  • Real-time org-chart sync with easy navigation up and down the org chart
  • Make larger goals achievable by breaking them down into Mini-Goals
  • Customizable 1:1s templates with automated agendas and integrated metrics tracked over time 
  • Auto-analyze 100% of sales conversations from from Day 1
  • Best-in-class audio and video recording transcription
  • Instant summarization of performance with automated coaching recommendations
  • Gamify performance through contests and leaderboards
  • Celebrate wins and goal achievements using customizable GIFts, applause, and shoutouts.  
  • Multi-language support

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