Unlock hidden insights from every customer interaction across every channel in Intercom, and understand conversation data in a whole new way by automatically analyzing and scoring 100% of Intercom tickets.

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Why integrate Pathlight with Intercom?

Pathlight pulls in tickets and metrics from Intercom to give you a single pane of glass view into support performance across multiple support channels, and deeply analyze and score 100% of support tickets in real time.

Built on the foundation of a contact center-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI, Pathlight can automatically tag, and categorize every Intercom ticket, instantly identify quality issues, and discover trends and opportunities to make data-driven decisions and personalize coaching for every agent and team.


  • Centralized view of performance across email, chat, social, text, and other support systems
  • AI-driven goal-setting and evaluation for every metric, team, and individual based on historical performance
  • Auto-analyze 100% of support tickets from Day 1
  • Real-time insights on trends, compliance and fraud issues, sentiment, voice of customer, and more
  • Instant summarization of performance and quality with automated coaching recommendations
  • Auto-generated tags based on natural language and pre-defined criteria
  • Select and analyze Intercom tickets based on tags, ticket status, and other custom fields
  • Custom scorecards, side-by-side view, and annotations
  • Multi-language support

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