This is what pain-free implementation looks like

Your Salesforce administrator clicks one button, our customer success team onboards your organization, and within weeks your sales managers are fully set up for success.

White-glove Onboarding

We’re there every step of the way

We know how important it is to get it right the first time. Our top priority is setting everyone on your team up for success, ensuring every stakeholder has what they need for a seamless implementation.

No administrative work needed

Pathlight connects to Salesforce with one click, then imports users directly, so there’s no additional set up, provisioning, or administrative burden for your sales ops team.

Day one ready for success

Our software arrives batteries included, with its coffee thermos full, and lunch pail packed, ready to go to work for your team. With no manual personalization to do, your users’ first-run experiences are smooth sailing.

How does integration work?

We’ve seen first-hand the work that great sales orgs invest making their sales stacks sing. Our sales management automation platform builds on that investment to free up bandwidth for sales managers to do the strategizing necessary for long-term success. Most importantly, we tread lightly and respect the sanctity of your data.

Ultralight API touch

We check in with your Salesforce instance every hour so that our analysis is up-to-date and actionable. Each check-in is just four API requests, saving precious load on your instance.

Read-only sanctity

Pathlight never writes to SFDC, so you never need to worry about inter-app compatibility or any risk of data corruption. We can only make your organization work better, not worse.

Battle-tested security

We regularly perform security audits with the same thoroughness of a Fortune 100 company.