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Supercharge your team in minutes

In just a few steps, you can empower dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of teammates to move faster and hit their goals.


Connect Pathlight to your data sources

We integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, Zendesk, Outreach, Stella Connect, and many other applications.

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Define your goals and metrics

Leverage dozens of templates or create your own custom goals with Pathlight's powerful metric creation workflows.


Create instant alignment

Because Pathlight intelligently builds your org chart, you can roll out your goals in minutes. In every office, in every country, get everyone managing against the same information.

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Empower data-driven communication

In one click, you can celebrate your team’s wins or provide targeted individual coaching. Performance data is automatically embedded in every message.


Supercharge your coaching and 1:1s

See a team member falling behind? Supporting them is easy with our 20+ customizable coaching templates. Make your 1:1s more productive with our pre-set agenda templates.

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