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Contact Center Analytics

What is CSAT?

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) evaluates the ability of businesses to meet customer expectations. CSAT is an indication of how happy customers are with their product, service, or support experience at a company. By measuring customer satisfaction, companies can keep tabs on trends and move up rating scales.

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What are contact center agent reports?

Contact center, or call center, reporting is the tracking and presentation of pre-defined metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Reporting reveals the goals, activities, and results of a given period. 

With agent performance reports, managers can view performance numbers, identify areas for improvement, and make strategic decisions with data and metrics. Reporting transforms the raw data gotten from many applications in your contact center into KPIs, helping employees, managers, and leaders all answer the question, “how am I doing?”

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What is employee attrition?

Employee attrition refers to the reduction in employee count, which happens when employees leave an organization voluntarily or involuntarily.

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What is first call resolution?

First call resolution (FCR) is an essential key performance indicator (KPI) for contact centers because it measures how often a customer support agent resolves customer inquiries at initial contact — without a callback or subsequent interaction. These interactions could be through calls, live chat, email, tickets, or social media. First call resolution is one measure of the effectiveness of a contact center in handling customer complaints and inquiries.

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Contact Center Management

What is the purpose of 1:1 meetings

One-on-one or 1:1 meetings involve regular check-ins between two members of an organization. Typically, these interactions are between a manager and an employee. The free-form nature of 1:1s focusing on employee development is what makes these meetings impactful.

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What is contact center gamification?

Workplace  processes can become repetitive and monotonous after some time of implementation. With gamification in business, you can integrate game techniques or technology into team workflows to boost morale and employee performance. 

Contact center gamification is the process of including games and prizes in everyday activities to encourage healthy competition and productivity among agents.

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