Compete in a faster future

When one manager uses Pathlight, their team thrives. When every manager uses Pathlight, the organization thrives. Pathlight for Enterprise helps top companies convert executive strategy into frontline action and achieve results faster than ever before.

Better management at scale means better performance at scale. Create top-tier results with top-tier managers.

World-class agility

With Pathlight, you could come up with a new strategy on Monday and have hundreds of team leaders managing against it on Tuesday. Now that's agility.

Rock-solid consistency

Pathlight ensures your org is maintaining high standards no matter what life throws at you: hiring surges, seasonal changes, junior managers, remote teams, etc.

Better, happier people

At our core, we are here to help the frontline manager succeed. Managers love using Pathlight simply because it makes their lives easier and their teams happier.

Your frontline managers are the key to a successful future

In a world where leadership and frontline employees need to be in lockstep, your middle managers have never been more important. Pathlight is the first platform that supercharges their abilities and helps them move in lock step with executive strategy.

Built for managers

The first platform built for a manager's core activities: data analysis, coaching, management, and more.

powerful workflow

In just a few minutes and a few clicks, managers can lead their teams like your most seasoned executive.

Auto Best Practices

Users automatically follow best practices, use approved content, and ensure every team member gets enough attention.

DRIVEN by leadership

In 5 minutes, a leader can update Pathlight and steer their entire organization towards a new destination.

Directly connect leadership to the front lines

Say good bye to the cycle of emails, meetings, and roadshows required to drive any change. Add a new goal to Pathlight, and new marching orders are automatically distributed to managers and their teams across your entire organization, while the leadership team maintains total transparency and control.

Drive alignment at scale

Imagine every employee showing up to work pointed in the same direction, knowing exactly what to focus on, and every manager immediately alerted and coaching any employee that veers off-track.

World-class managers can benefit any department and any organization


Increase customer satisfaction by maximizing manager productivity, visibility, and success.


Sell faster, smarter, and more consistently. Get managers back on the floor and out of reports.


Stay on top of the queue regardless of what fires spring up. Quickly react to changing conditions.


Easily drive diversity, inclusion, and new hire initiatives across the global organization.


Maintain consistent standards while improving talent retention and manager bandwidth.


Reduce cost and effort by seamlessly integrating best practices into frontline managers' daily routines.


Unlock new levels of recruiter productivity and streamline candidate management.


Improve support levels and SLAs so the larger organization can continue to grow and thrive.

Pathlight is the first platform that managers use every day to keep their teams on track and successful. Our team would love to help you understand how Pathlight can work for you.