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KeepTruckin grows revenue by 6% in just 2 weeks

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Sales AEs, CS Agents, and SDRs on Pathlight.


Increase in revenue in just two weeks of rolling out Pathlight.

7 in 5

Pathlight is used across seven offices in five countries.

In a matter of days we were able to create a scalable culture of success that empowered our AEs...Best of all, we saw a 6% increase in revenue month over month.

Jon Jenkins, Head of Sales, SMB

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About KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is a comprehensive fleet management platform that seamlessly connects vehicles, drivers, and fleet managers. Growing from $1 million to over $50 million in annual recurring revenue in just 12 months, KeepTruckin is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world. To support this growth in revenue, KeepTruckin’s sales organization has been growing over 200% quarter over quarter, with hundreds of account executives and sales development representatives spanning multiple countries.


With hundreds of account executives [around the world], trying to change our sales team’s behaviors...felt like an insurmountable challenge.

Jon Jenkins, Head of Sales, SMB

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The Challenge

KeepTruckin identified a new opportunity in the market, but in order to take advantage, the sales team faced two major hurdles: a short timeline and transitioning the team from an inbound to an outbound sales motion. Moving from inbound to outbound is one of the most difficult tasks a sales organization can take on, as it requires significant changes in daily behaviors, data tracking, and communication.

For KeepTruckin, this meant re-focusing 300+ reps located across the world from an inbound sales motion to executing outbound sales behaviors in a matter of weeks. Changing the behavior of 300+ frontline reps across 4 countries was an uphill battle, and created the potential for missing revenue targets.

Pathlight helped me see the full story of my team’s performance. I found myself managing more effectively while saving time.

Torri Granger, SMB Sales Director

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The Solution

Because every KeepTruckin account executive was using Pathlight every day, rolling out and managing against new outbound sales expectations was as easy as flipping a switch.

Leadership started tracking new outbound sales behavior metrics in minutes. They put this real-time performance data in the hands of every frontline employee, setting both team and individual goals that created focus on new behaviors. Every layer of the organization had an updated dashboard to track their performance, and leaders and frontline managers were able to reinforce this change by communicating consistently and seamlessly using Pathlight’s one-click coaching.

Within a week of this organizational change, employees across the globe were aligned around expectations, and everyone in the organization, from global leadership to frontline reps, had visibility into performance.

Pathlight gave us the total visibility into performance that we needed to steer the ship quickly. AEs and frontline managers were operating in alignment.

Jon Jenkins, Head of Sales, SMB

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The Outcome

Increased revenue.

Revenue grew by 6% in just two weeks.

Hours saved.

100+ hours saved after rolling out Pathlight.

Global Alignment

Entire global sales team aligned around new priority metrics.

New opportunities.

Team better positioned to capitalize on new opportunities.

Total Transparency.

Goals, metrics, and progress tracked in real-time.

Better coaching.

More coaching and more positive recognition, more often.

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