Why Zendesk Customers Love Pathlight

Adding Pathlight to Zendesk gives your customer experience and support teams full transparency to understand how they are doing. Here are the top reasons why Zendesk customers choose Pathlight for managing their support team performance and operations.

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August 10, 2023
Shanthala Balagopal
Shanthala Balagopal
September 21, 2022
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Zendesk is an award-winning platform used by tens of thousands of brands across the world to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The easy-to-use platform allows businesses to support customers via phone, email, chat, text, or social media, and offers a plethora of tools to help support teams customize and deliver support experiences that customers love. From chatbots and branded help centers to automate service interactions and reduce support volume, to sophisticated routing and a unified view of the customer to ensure the right agent delivers the right support to the right customer at the right time, Zendesk empowers brands to deliver superior customer experiences at scale.

Uplevel your Zendesk with performance intelligence & management capabilities

Zendesk makes delivering consistent, personalized CX easy. Brands that choose Zendesk enjoy faster issue resolution, lower support volume, and happier customers.

With customer support and experience squared away using Zendesk, the next step in digital transformation is for a platform that can help deliver exceptional employee experiences that drive performance and productivity at scale. After all, one of the highest costs of doing business is labor, and having the tools to engage employees and optimize productivity is critical right now.  CX teams need a platform that centralizes performance operations by giving them:

  • A consolidated view of performance across multiple platforms, channels, and locations—available in realtime for everyone
  • Instant views on team and individual performance against goals and KPIs
  • Realtime insights on inefficiencies— so managers know where to coach
  • Built-in tools to deliver personalized coaching, 1:1s, and team communications
  • AI-Driven Quality Management
  • Workforce schedules based on performance data and historical trends

This is where Pathlight for Zendesk comes in. 

Zendesk + Pathlight = a huge boost to support team productivity 

Imagine consolidating your support team’s performance operations into a single platform. Instead of using multiple tools, spreadsheets, and technologies to understand performance, evaluate quality, manage scheduling and attendance, and deliver coaching, you can use Pathlight to manage all elements of your support team’s operations from a central location. 

Top reasons why Zendesk customers love Pathlight:

Realtime Performance Insights

Pathlight unifies data across multiple Zendesk products and 3rd party applications into a single dashboard to provide support leaders with a centralized view of performance across every team, location, channel, and individual. It eliminates the manual, time-consuming process of consolidating and processing performance data in spreadsheets and equips managers with realtime automated insights and an actionable view of each team and agent’s performance to help them manage their team effectively. 

Earnin, a Zendesk customer, saves an average of 5 hours per manager with automatic consolidation of performance data. 

“For the first time, we have a platform that empowers advocates, managers, and leaders to manage day-to-day performance in one place. It is an absolute must-have for customer experience teams worldwide.”

Amber Aslanian,
Head of Customer Experience Operations at Earnin

Data-Driven Performance Management

Coaching is an integral part of driving the performance and productivity of a support team. For coaching to be effective and well received, the individual needs to understand exactly where they are falling behind (or doing well), have a clear path to success, and track their progress over time. At the same time, a manager needs to understand where their team or direct reports need support, take instant action, and measure the success of their coaching. 

Pathlight built-in performance management and coaching tools are why Zendesk customers love Pathlight:

  • Coaching from Performance Intelligence Dashboards: Pathlight offers coaching and communication tools within its Performance Intelligence dashboard. With a click of a button, managers can highlight specific areas that need improvement within a report and send a coaching message to their team or individual. 
  • Structured 1-on-1: Pathlight customizable 1:1 templates with automated agendas and integrated metrics help managers and individuals to have structured discussions and performance conversations that can track over time. 
  • Intelligent Goals: Using Pathlight, support leaders can configure goals for every metric, team, and agent. They can automate goal-setting by leveraging AI to automatically set goals based on historical performance and make larger goals achievable by breaking them down into mini-goals. 

Many Zendesk customers have seen dramatic improvements in performance and productivity using Pathlight’s coaching capabilities:

  • Greenhouse saw a 53% increase in performance using coaching and mini-goals
  • Pair Eyewear slashed response times by half with data-driven coaching
  • MeUndies agents saw a 50% improvement in goals achievement with coaching
“Pathlight gave our agents the opportunity to have more initiative in terms of hitting their goals. In the past it was all dependent on the team lead for setting those goals— now they’re more involved in making their action items. With Pathlight they can be proactive about what they want to get better at and do next month.” 

Lorraine Grace Lopez, Senior Account Manager at MeUndies

Combining Quality & Performance Management

Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for driving growth and loyalty for a business, making Quality Management an integral part of a customer service process and success. A QA program ensures agents are meeting customer expectations and company standards when interacting with users.  

Though quality management is important and provides specific areas for improvement within a customer service interaction, it does not reflect an agent’s overall performance. To create a high-impact coaching plan that improves performance, in the long run, it is important to understand how agents are performing in all areas of support. 

Using Pathlight, Zendesk support leaders can seamlessly combine quality scores and other performance metrics to get a complete picture of an agent’s performance. They can quickly identify areas where an agent needs support and build an effective coaching plan that drives results. 

AI-Driven Workforce Optimization

Workforce Management ensures the right number of agents are available at the right time to meet customer demand. However, figuring out the right number of agents, scheduling, managing attendance, and tracking adherence is still frequently done in spreadsheets, which need to be updated daily, sometimes hourly. Moreover, the forecasting is based on simple parameters and does not consider historical demand, scheduling, or individual performance.

Using Pathlight’s Workforce Optimization, Zendesk customers can easily manage schedules, track attendance, and forecast labor demands using an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. They can leverage historical ticket volume across email, phone, and chat with employee performance data to forecast workforce needs with confidence and accuracy. They can quickly identify where they are understaffed or overstaffed with a click of a button, and optimize workforce schedules to meet demand and save customer service costs. 

Turnkey Zendesk Integration

Zendesk customers can get up and running with Pathlight within days. Using the pre-built integration, Zendesk customers can set up performance dashboards, coaching and communication templates, quality management workflows, and workforce operations quickly and easily. 

Pathlight: Manage Performance Operations From A Single Platform

From performance analytics and insights to performance management and coaching to quality management and workforce planning and scheduling, Pathlight offers Zendesk customers a one-stop solution for managing all performance operations. 

Here are a few customer success stories with Pathlight and Zendesk:

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