Pathlight Tips and Tricks: Home Screen

A quick one minute video showing how you can use Pathlight's home screen!

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August 10, 2023
Josh Witty
Josh Witty
July 18, 2022
1 min video

Greetings from the Pathlight home screen. The home screen lets you run a quick vital check on each component that makes up your team’s performance for that day. Viewing the health score is a quick way to see where your team stands against their priority metrics and goals. A quick read of your team’s health summary gives you a head’s up on what metrics require some attention - whether that be recognition or coaching. Performance insights take your health summary one step further and dive into which metrics or team members could benefit from that extra TLC - saving you time on data analysis! In addition to team performance, you also have visibility into important reminders like what tasks you’re committed to completing, pinned messages and recent announcements that keep you in the loop on key information from your company.  A quick look into your upcoming 1-on-1s allow you to stay focused on connecting with your team. To get a full product demo, visit

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