Pathlight Selected by Kia Central & South America to Boost Productivity And Efficiency of Dealer and Service Advisors with Performance Intelligence

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August 11, 2023
The Pathlight Team
The Pathlight Team
October 27, 2022
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SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 27th, 2022 Pathlight, a leading provider of performance intelligence, quality management, and workforce optimization software, today announced that it had been selected by Kia Central & South America to provide its industry-leading performance intelligence product to dealer and service advisors across 43 locations in Ecuador. 

Pathlight will streamline manager operations and boost employee performance with a single pane of glass for performance metrics. With Pathlight, Kia CSA will track predictive sales and customer satisfaction metrics, providing all levels of the organization with real-time insights that leaders, managers, and employees need to achieve their ambitious sales and customer satisfaction goals.

"At Kia, we always strive to provide impeccable service to our customers. To ensure we're consistently providing inspiring experiences across all our dealer locations, we need to empower our frontline advisors with real-time performance insights," said Steve Lee, President at Kia Central & South America. "In Pathlight, we've found an innovative platform that instantly consolidates information across our systems and provides insights, goals, and communications to our Distributors, Dealers, and frontline staff. This will increase productivity, improve the customer experience, and save us countless hours so we can spend our time helping employees provide inspiring customer experiences when they buy or service an automobile."

"Kia is a global leader in creating new eco-friendly mobility solutions and providing best-in-class customer service," said Alex Kvamme, co-founder, and CEO of Pathlight. "Kia's innovative solutions come from a customer-first mentality and their ability to foster unwavering passion and ingenious thinking from their employees. These values align with Pathlight's mission to help millions of people achieve their professional best. We are thrilled to partner with KIA CSA as they supercharge their employees and customer experiences with performance intelligence and achieve even great success in the years to come."

With Pathlight, Kia commercial and service teams will have intelligent goal setting, leaderboards, and the ability to provide in-app coaching, create mini-goals or contests to boost team performance, and have 1:1s with metric-driven agendas.

Kia CSA Continues to Lead from the Front with Technology

Known for great customer experiences, Kia CSA wants to take employee effectiveness to the next level. Combining Pathlight's Performance Intelligence dashboards with Performance Management tools allows managers and advisors to apply action to data. With Pathlight, Kia CSA managers can deliver personalized coaching to help individuals improve specific skills. 

Pathlight will pull data from Salesforce and Kia's internal ERP system to provide real-time analysis tracking the customer journey and NPS end-to-end from when customers first explore mobility solutions through purchase and service engagements. Kia provides transparency for their customers in pricing and service and giving their employees transparency on how they are doing aligns with their values. Additionally, by supporting eco-friendly paperless offices and dealerships, having Pathlight on desktop, mobile, and tablets allow all employees equal access. 

"Kia's management philosophy centers on employees' accountability and realizing their full potential. We want our employees to be successful. This is exactly what Pathlight will empower our employees and managers to do," said Steve Lee, Kia CSA President. "Our goal is to inspire consumers through products, services, and their experiences with the brand. To do this, we strive to provide meaningful, convenient services. Identifying top performers and where managers need coaching will help us provide better service and increase sales opportunities." 

About Kia Central and South America

Kia Central & South America Corp. is an incorporated division of Kia Corporation in charge of sales and marketing in 43 countries across Central and South America and the Caribbean. Kia ( is a global mobility brand with a vision to create sustainable mobility solutions for consumers, communities, and societies around the world. Founded in 1944, Kia has been providing mobility solutions for more than 75 years. With 52,000 employees worldwide and manufacturing facilities in six countries, the company today sells around three million vehicles a year. Kia is spearheading the popularization of electrified and battery electric vehicles and developing a growing range of mobility services, encouraging millions of people around the world to explore the best ways of getting around. The company's brand slogan – 'Movement that inspires' – reflects Kia's commitment to inspiring consumers through its products and services.

About Pathlight

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