Pathlight Extends Platform with New AI-enabled Quality Management and Announces Workforce Optimization

AI-enabled Quality Management (QM) and Workforce Optimization (WFO) help businesses improve customer experience and maximize team productivity.

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August 11, 2023
The Pathlight Team
The Pathlight Team
June 21, 2022
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Streamline Support Operations To Drive Efficiency, Ensure Quality Engagement, and Boost Performance 

SAN FRANCISCO—June 21, 2022—Pathlight, the leader in Performance Intelligence, today unveiled at CCW Las Vegas new additions to their platform including AI-enabled Quality Management (QM) and Workforce Optimization (WFO) to help businesses improve customer experience and maximize team productivity. The intelligent, easy-to-deploy QM platform leverages AI to automate quality management processes across email, chat and phone conversations to ensure customer service interactions meet company standards and customer expectations. The new Workforce Optimization capability will simplify scheduling and attendance to help businesses stay on top of support volume and meet demand at scale. 

Pathlight is the first Performance Intelligence platform purpose-built for brands to monitor, analyze, and optimize team performance. By unifying performance data across multiple platforms in a single-screen view, managers and agents get unprecedented visibility and insights on performance, empowering them to achieve their professional best. Integrating Quality Management and Workforce Optimization workflows into a single platform, allows businesses to dramatically improve customer experience quality and reduce the cost and complexity of service operations. 

“Customer expectations are higher than ever. Delivering a superior customer experience is crucial for driving loyalty and lifetime value. But data silos and disconnected support platforms and processes have left businesses struggling and searching for smarter solutions to keep up with customer and business demands,” said Trey Doig, co-founder and CTO at Pathlight. “Today we’re making it easier for CX teams to meet customer expectations while achieving greater efficiencies and business outcomes. By combining Performance Intelligence with QM and WFO capabilities, we’re streamlining customer support workflows to reduce effort, and boost performance and productivity. At the same time, we’re helping businesses engage, retain and nurture talent in the long run.”

AI-enabled Quality Management to Save Time, Boost Productivity and Increase CSAT

Last fall, Pathlight integrated Quality Management (QM) with Performance Intelligence. Today Pathlight announces a new level of intelligence to make the QM processes easier, smarter and faster with these features: 

  • Automatic Assignments: Assign tickets to graders based on tags, ticket status, and other fields.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Automatically analyze agent interactions to extract tone and sentiment. 
  • Grammar and Spelling: Leverage built-in AI to detect grammar and spelling errors in agent interactions.  
  • Phrase Tracking: Quickly identify phrases specified by customer or agent to deliver realtime feedback.
  • Annotations: Highlight specific text or interactions to deliver focused feedback to agents. 
  • Root-cause Analysis: Drill down QM scores to identify specific interactions that caused poor CSAT, customer churn, and more. 
  • Grade Sharing & Appeals: Automate grade sharing and ensure fairness through an integrated appeal process.
  • Grade the Grader: Create custom scorecards to grade the scored scorecards to ensure fairness and accuracy.

“Digit is on a mission to make financial health effortless and we strive to make the customer support experience effortless as well. It’s critical to our business that we ensure our interactions with customers meet or exceed their expectations,” said Jen Burton, Head of CS at Digit and CX mentor and coach for startups. “Understanding what's happening across those interactions and knowing where to focus and how to empower our team to do better enables us to achieve our CX goals. This is where Pathlight and their QM offering plays such an important part of that strategy.”

Built-In Workforce Optimization to Optimize Scheduling and Attendance 

Pathlight’s workforce optimization capabilities will make it easy for customer service leaders to create, manage, and maintain staffing at scale. Businesses can maintain operational efficiency by ensuring the right number of agents, with the right skill sets, are staffed at the right time with these features: 

  • Scheduling: Easily create, visualize and share schedules with agents that support multiple channels.
  • Attendance: Leverage intuitive UI to create timecards, track attendance and simplify approval processes. 
  • Reporting: A comprehensive view of key workforce optimization metrics including adherence, scheduled work hours, and more. 
  • Forecasting: Predict upcoming labor demands based on historical volume and scheduling data.  

Using Pathlight’s Workforce Optimization, customer service teams can develop smarter strategies over time leveraging historical data to optimize staffing and deliver better customer experiences. Pathlight WFO will be available for private beta this summer and GA later this year.

For more information:

  • Visit us at CCW Las Vegas in booth #710, June 21 -23, where Pathlight is a finalist for Disruptive Technology of the Year, and attend our CX Spotlight Session with CEO, Alex Kvamme.
  • Read our blog about the new QM and WFO products here.
  • Read why Pathlight was named the 2021 CCW Excellence Awards Winner for Workforce Innovation.

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