Introducing Quality Assurance to Pathlight!

Pathlight’s QA and conversation review tool drives success by enabling coaching on the customer conversations and activities that drive your critical KPIs.

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August 11, 2023
Stephanie Rogers
Stephanie Rogers
September 15, 2021
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Adding QA (Quality Assurance) to Realtime Performance Management (RPM) equals Genius! Pathlight

Whether you have dozens or thousands of employees, getting aligned on performance expectations and goals is no easy feat— but it’s not impossible. The best managers and companies that take on this challenge are constantly asking themselves three key questions: how are we doing? what do we need to focus on? what can we do to improve?

Pathlight helps companies answer these questions by delivering realtime data insights to the entire org— no matter where they are located. We are the leading realtime performance management (RPM) platform, providing the complete story of your team's performance with key goals, metrics, and performance trends. So augmenting our platform capability to include a feature as impactful as QA just made sense.

We are excited to bring Quality Assurance capabilities to the Pathlight platform and deliver value to customer-facing managers and employees. Pathlight’s QA and conversation review tool drives success by enabling coaching on the customer conversations and activities that drive your critical KPIs.

And the best part? We are introducing this feature at no additional cost for new customers!

Trainers, graders, and managers can now provide their frontline support and sales agents with targeted, case-specific feedback so they can learn and deliver better customer experiences. Managers and executives can also identify trends across the team to pinpoint opportunities for better training and onboarding. They will also be able to more quickly identify actionable insights for their product or service in order to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does QA work in Pathlight?

QA allows you to review customer interactions from emails and chats for quality assurance and then provide feedback to agents. (Review of call recordings is coming soon!)

  1. Organization admins can use flexible templates or create scorecards to customize review questions for consistency, the objectivity of grading, and your team’s specific needs. Scorecards include the ability to categorize questions into sections for summary scores.
  2. Organization admins or managers can then delegate the scoring process to another to review the content and provide scores on the interaction.
  3. When scoring is completed an automatic notification is sent to the agent allowing for a quick feedback loop to improve performance.
  4. Everyone sees a side-by-side view of the QA score and content being reviewed.
  5. The scorer or agent can add a comment on the QA scorecard to spark discussion, add context, or ask questions.

And like all metrics in Pathlight, it’s easy to view the QA summary for the team and drill down to individuals for more specific insights. All features are available through the web app, and the mobile app includes the QA metrics view, which is perfect for field agents and employees on the go.

The Pathlight platform empowers managers, agents, and sales reps with the data and communication tools they need to be successful— all in one app. Streamlining data and coaching delivers a level of transparency and accountability that empowers employees to be more successful in customer interactions, and it frees managers from the chaos of multiple spreadsheets and the disparate data they are dealing with today.

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