How Top Sales Performers Use Pathlight

Discover how top sales teams use Pathlight to build stronger teams, provide better coaching, improve accountability, and create consistency for success.

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August 11, 2023
The Pathlight Team
The Pathlight Team
January 20, 2022
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How Top Sales Performers Use Pathlight

January. It’s that time of year, again. Many of us have once again signed up for weight loss and fitness apps with the resolution of losing a few pounds or getting in better shape. We track what we eat, when we eat, our steps, our workouts, and even our sleep.

Now imagine giving your frontline employees a way to track their work performance with that same simplicity. Imagine having everyone on the same page, with complete transparency and accountability of how they are doing against their own goals and how they stack up in the team.

When you empower your teams with real-time performance intelligence, something magical happens. Your employees become in control of their careers; they instantly know when to course-correct to focus on the activities that lead to excellent results.

Pathlight makes tracking your performance as easy as checking the rings on your fitness app. Big changes start with small steps. Whether it’s losing ten pounds or making President’s Club, setting small daily goals, and being consistent, closing those rings every day will result in reaching your goals down the road. Let’s dive into three ways top sales teams use Pathlight.

Improve Self-Management and Accountability

One of the most incredible things about Pathlight is that it creates accountability for how reps spend their time each day or week.

One top performer said, “It helps me to see where I stand, not for competitive reasons, but so that I can understand if I’m falling behind, so I know when to start having conversations with my manager and asking for help from my team.

The Pathlight Health Score tells you how you’re doing with a single number. It aggregates and intelligently weighs the importance of different metrics, like setting a meeting from a cold call versus closing a really tough deal. Watching your Health Score go up is so satisfying! The best salespeople are naturally competitive, and it brings on that sales high to constantly improve and get your Health Score close to 100%.

To be a top sales performer, you have to keep on top of many smaller daily tasks. Mini Goals are perfect for keeping everyone on track. Here are some everyday activities that help sellers reach bigger goals:

  • Booking several meetings by a specific date for an event
  • Getting prospects to field events
  • Creating in-quarter pipe to benefit closing out the end of the quarter
  • Sending emails after an event or from a particular lead list
  • The dreaded but super important task of Salesforce hygiene
Using Mini Goals increases sales performance by 21% on average.

Build Stronger Teams with Alignment

Top performers know that sales is a team sport. After all, talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. Streamlining metrics and reporting with Pathlight aligns teams instead of everyone building and working off their own reports in Salesforce. When you align on goals as a team, each person is clear on how they are measured.

Giving everyone visibility into how each team member is performing helps everyone get the motivation and support they need. Two ways this is great—1) each person knows where help is needed and how to support their team, and 2) your team can learn what a top performer is doing to generate a quality pipeline. There may be a great email they are using, the way they source news to personalize their emails, or connections that everyone on your team can leverage with their accounts.

Provide Better Coaching

Ultimately, giving everyone visibility into realtime metrics creates trust. It changes managers’ “command and control” style to a much healthier “trust and verify” style. Managers become coaches who can focus on how to help their salespeople achieve their goals because they instantly know how everyone is doing, and they do not need to spend time pulling and distributing reports. They are free to define best practices and best-in-class behavior for the entire team.

And you start to see your top performers managing themselves. They leverage their managers and company leaders to help them close more business.  And they leverage their 1:1 time with their managers to focus on where they need help. With Pathlight, 1:1s become a much more structured and productive use of time and empower reps to get the coaching or help they need to be their personal best.

Patrick Buckley, Global Director of Twilio SDR’s team, says, “the ultimate 1:1 is when “I don't have to do anything, but respond to what the rep is bringing to me. . . . They're outlining what their target is or what their goal is and are asking, how can I get there? How can I improve? And that's a great conversation. That's a conversation that builds trust.

Pathight makes 1:1s easy. They are tied to calendar events, and both the salesperson and the manager can add topics, review metrics, come prepared to discuss the agenda items weekly, and create a game plan. Of course, top performers blow their goals out of the water before their 1-on-1's, making sure every metric is in the green, so those conversations are a breeze.

Create Consistency For Success

Just like your exercise or weight loss goals, get back to it if you fall off the wagon. Top performers check their Pathlight Health Score daily. They’re taking charge of their careers knowing where to focus, using Mini Goals for motivation, and preparing for 1:1s. These are all steps that turn regular people into top sales performers.

The results are real: High performers are in Pathlight 2X more often than low performers.

We hope you crush it this year! Set up a demo to learn more. We’re here to help you and your team!

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