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Greenhouse Support enhances performance management with Pathlight

Greenhouse's renowned Support team gains real-time visibility into performance and clarity around expectations and goals with Pathlight's Realtime Performance Management (RPM) platform.

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August 11, 2023
Lauren England
Lauren England
April 22, 2021
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Greenhouse Support enhances performance management with Pathlight
“Before Pathlight, agents had to wait until their 1-on-1 with their manager to understand the impact of their performance from previous weeks. Now they are empowered to take more responsibility for their own performance because they have full visibility into their metrics.” — Alyssa Edelman, Director of Customer Support at Greenhouse

Pathlight Impact

The Greenhouse Customer Support team stands on the front lines leading the company’s efforts to evangelize Greenhouse as not just a set of useful recruiting features, but as a platform for organizational change. With over 4,000 global customers and growing, the Customer Support team needed instantaneous access to data in order to ease the load on managers, empower their agents, and improve their coaching and feedback process. With Pathlight, Greenhouse gained visibility into performance across the entire organization, enabling managers to articulate timely performance expectations and goals to Customer Support agents on a daily basis.

About Greenhouse Software

Greenhouse Software offers industry-leading solutions to help all companies become great at hiring. Using their recruiting and onboarding software, candidates experience a seamless and digital experience from the first touchpoint. Greenhouse helps companies at every stage enhance their recruiting practices and give them the confidence to turn hiring into a competitive advantage. Some of the smartest and most successful companies like HubSpot, Cisco Meraki, Buzzfeed, J.D. Power and Warby Parker use the Greenhouse hiring software platform to improve all aspects of hiring, helping them to attract top talent. Greenhouse has won numerous awards including Glassdoor #1 Best Place to Work, Forbes Cloud 100, Inc. 5000 and Inc. Magazine Best Workplace.

“Pathlight has been instrumental in helping us build an understanding of our team by providing continuous access to the health of our operation.” — Alyssa Edelman, Director of Customer Support at Greenhouse

A Single Source of Truth for Performance

Often cited by customers as the "best thing about Greenhouse,” the Customer Support team is always ready to answer questions, troubleshoot any issues and provide a top-tier user experience. To meet the needs of its customers, Greenhouse continued to invest in its Support Team but access to performance data lived across multiple platforms.

Access to operational metrics was a time consuming process for managers. Hours out of the day were spent consolidating data into spreadsheets — pulling reports from Zendesk, StellaConnect, and Maestro QA — to capture an understanding of agent performance. This complex process of gathering performance data prevented agents from getting valuable insights when they needed them the most, and identifying patterns and course correcting wasn’t happening in a timely manner. Overall, it was difficult for all levels of the org to see a comprehensive picture of team and individual performance in real time.

Looking for a better way to create a single source of truth, the Greenhouse Customer Support team knew they needed one solution to help them understand where agents were spending their time and what they were achieving. Introducing Pathlight granted visibility into real-time performance for the entire Support organization. Automated data and intuitive dashboards help Greenhouse showcase their most important metrics, granting managers and agents alike a centralized view of performance to rely on. Through the partnership Greenhouse gained a new clarity around key metrics and insight into team performance trends they can both celebrate and respond to.

“Agents used to wait for their manager to tell them how they were doing, but now they can answer that question themselves as soon as they log in. They can immediately see their targets and how they are performing against them.” — Alyssa Edelman, Director of Customer Support at Greenhouse

Coaching Strengthened by Real-Time Data

Without real-time performance data, it was challenging for Greenhouse Support Managers to effectively coach and keep their team on track. This meant they were juggling multiple documents, email threads, and verbal conversations and prevented leaders from having transparency into how their teams were being managed.

Hitting goals is easier with Pathlight

Greenhouse Support sought to revolutionize their approach to performance management; they needed a platform that could supply real-time performance data, grant visibility into performance to the entire organization and revitalize their coaching conversations. Pathlight checked all of the imperative boxes while streamlining managers’ workflows and empowering agents in the process. Pathlight has given Greenhouse a single source of truth for performance, which allows agents to be more productive, managers to be more efficient, and – most importantly – for customers to have the best possible experience.

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