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CSAT increases after Earnin rolls out Pathlight

Discover how Earnin boosted agents' CSAT scores across the board and increased employee engagement after adopting Pathlight— their single source of truth for team performance.

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August 11, 2023
Lauren England
Lauren England
February 26, 2020
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CSAT increases after Earnin rolls out Pathlight
“For the first time, we have a platform that empowers advocates, managers, and leaders to manage day-to-day performance in one place. It is an absolute must-have for customer experience teams worldwide.” —Amber Aslanian, Head of Customer Experience Operations

About Earnin

Earnin is a financial app that puts people first. Its products inspire fairness and give Americans better control of their money, allowing them to absorb unexpected expenses and avoid predatory financial products.

Since they launched in 2014, Earnin is driving consumer- empowered finance through mobile technology to help its community members unlock the $1 trillion that is held up in American workers' pay cycles every year. Their community includes workers from more than 50,000 employers across all 50 states, logging a combined 50 million hours of work a month.

“I was excited to see how data could be easily pulled in from different sources seamlessly.” —Amber Aslanian, Head of Customer Experience Operations

Multiple data sources and no single source of truth.

Earnin’s 24/7 support team services users who depend on them to manage their paycheck, bills, health care and more. Like most support teams they measure ticket volume, response time, and resolution rate, but CSAT score is their absolute top priority. However, they did not have a comprehensive understanding of their overall team performance because these key metrics were tracked and measured in a number of different places. Customer Satisfaction was measured in a CSAT tool, an LMS system captured training and other learning management data, a workforce management tool tracked productivity and adherence, and tickets and chats were managed through a helpdesk software.

“Our analysts were spending hours compiling data into spreadsheets and analyzing it in pivot tables, just so we could get a complete picture of what was going on with the frontline teams,” says Amber Aslanian Head of Customer Experience Operations. This lack of visibility meant it was really difficult for both leaders and advocates to know in real-time where they stood against their goals, who was ahead of their goals, and which teams needed extra attention.

One place to track team performance.

Pathlight integrated quickly with all of Earnin’s tools and platforms to pull in their support organization information as well as their key metrics and KPIs. Within two weeks, the team was up and running with dashboards set up to track key performance metrics. “What excited me the most was how Pathlight could pull in data from different sources seamlessly,” says Amber. “I was impressed with how quickly the metrics refreshed. It was close to real-time.”

“Pathlight saves me over 5 hours a week and empowers me to provide timely, effective coaching to my team. With Pathlight, I'm a better manager and my team is more successful.” —Ashley Rowe, Manager, Center of Excellence

In six weeks, CSAT trends up.

A quick but complete way to assess a team’s health is with Pathlight health scores. A health score is a composite number that reflects the overall performance health of an individual or a team across a number of high-priority KPIs. The health score combined with our natural-language health summary, tells a complete story of an individual’s performance—what’s working and where they need help.

Earnin saw their Pathlight proprietary health score increase by 10% across the board in just six weeks after they started using Pathlight. Best of all they saw CSAT, a number that is very hard to move, increase by 2%. And the advocates who used Pathlight most frequently saw the biggest lift in their CSAT scores.

More coaching and increased engagement

Prior to Pathlight Earnin advocates had monthly 1-on-1s with their manager where they would receive coaching and skill development. But with Pathlight’s built-in coaching templates and seamless integration with email, Earnin immediately saw engagement increase. Earnin users are in Pathlight 3 days out of their 4-day work weeks and 95% of team leads reported that they coached more frequently with Pathlight than before. Here’s Ashley Rowe, manager of the Center of Excellence Team, "Pathlight saves me over 5 hours a week and empowers me to provide timely, effective coaching to my team. With Pathlight, I'm a better manager and my team is more successful."

A powerful change management tool

With Pathlight, Earnin can now roll out global process changes quickly and efficiently. Every advocate is looking at the same set of metrics and dashboards. When a metric ticks up, they can drill-down to see exactly what’s impacting the metric and which teams are contributing to the uptick. “Pathlight gives us real-time visibility into team performance while empowering our advocates to deliver great customer experience,” Amber Aslanian says. “It is an absolute must-have for customer experience teams worldwide."

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