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Announcing GIFts and Team Feeds: Creating Cultures of Excellence Through Better Engagement

Drive employee engagement, increase retention, and deliver exceptional customer experiences with Pathlight.

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January 25, 2023
Trey Doig
Trey Doig
April 6, 2022
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Announcing GIFts and Team Feeds: Creating Cultures of Excellence Through Better Engagement

Companies continue to struggle with employee retention. In August of 2021, a record 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs only to be topped again in December when 4.5 million quit.  And the future doesn’t look much better. According to Qualtrics’ Employee Experience Trends Report for 2022, 5% fewer people plan to stay at their current job than in 2021. And the cost of losing a qualified employee has risen sharply in parallel. According to Gartner, for CX leaders, the average cost of turning over a single rep is $14,113. For Sales reps, that number can vary depending on their quota – anywhere from one-half to two times a seller's annual targeted earnings.

We all know there’s a correlation between employee engagement and turnover. A recent Gallup study found that teams with low engagement have a turnover rate between 18% and 43% greater than highly engaged teams. If companies are going to survive, they need to transform their cultures to be more engaging and supportive of their employees.

But developing a culture that is uplifting, supportive, and inclusive can be hard. For organizations focused on enabling their employees to deliver exceptional customer experiences across functions like sales or customer service, creating an environment conducive to that goal is critical to their success. To help these companies, we’re launching a holistic suite of features that helps nurture a positive culture, supports engagement and collaboration, and drives performance across the organization.

Engaging employees is a core component to the process of creating environments that foster positive work cultures – especially those dedicated to continuous improvement and performance. Whether using Pathlight for announcing new team members, conducting daily or weekly check-ins, or facilitating peer coaching, these activities all help drive engagement.
And we’re excited to announce two notable new features that build employee engagement,GIFts and Team Feeds. Let’s dive into why and how these features empower teams and create cultures of positivity.

“The ability to send messages through Pathlight to recognize wins achieved by individual ambassadors as well as my team as a whole is huge for maintaining a positive culture. Positive encouragement even when I am not physically at the station is made easy through Pathlight!” - Sarah, CLEAR airport manager.

Introducing GIFts

Pathlight’s new GIFts feature is a special way for managers and peers to recognize individual team members for hitting certain goals or milestones. We’re tapping into the fun, joy, and happiness of gifs AND gifts. GIFts help create a culture of excellence and positivity where peer-to-peer employee recognition lets everyone feel seen, heard, and appreciated for who they are and the work they do. Beyond that, the connections created by giving and receiving recognition lead to a greater feeling of inclusion, camaraderie, and motivation, ultimately leading to better performance. In fact, a Gallup report found that top-performing business units that had greater levels of employee engagement had 18% better productivity.

Giving GIFts

We designed GIFts so they are super easy to give. We want GIFt happiness to abound!  If one of your teammates has gone out of their way to help you with something or has been a continued source of help that you want to recognize, give ‘em a li’l praise by sending them GIFts!

Anywhere you can comment in Pathlight, you’ll see our new GIFt icon. On both web and mobile, you can quickly fill out a form, select a fun gif, see a preview of the GIFt, and send it with one click.  

GIFt Insights

In GIFts Insights, you can measure engagement and identify and recognize your cultural ambassadors who are critical to developing your culture.  These are the special individuals who are recognizing their coworkers and their efforts and improving how everyone feels about their jobs. And over time, organizations can cultivate emerging cultural promoters and effectively scale their programs. With all of these insights, administrators can see GIFts exchanged at various levels of the organization for different time frames. It gives them views into the top receivers, top givers, top GIFt types exchanged, and a view into each GIFts listed.

Customize GIFts to fit your culture

Every company culture is unique, so GIFts are easy to customize. You can specify an image or emoji and title for each GIFt to reinforce your team’s or company’s cultural values. Of course, we offer a default set of GIFts that allow you to quickly spin up a GIFt program.

Introducing Team Feeds

Team Feeds centralize communication and performance tracking with automated and lightweight ways for teams to share wins, collaborate, and provide new levels of transparency. They help teammates to know what’s going on within their team in realtime no matter where they are. In addition, Team Feeds provide managers yet another way to get a pulse check on their teams and how they’re doing. This realtime visibility and communication creates a culture of ongoing feedback and conversations among employees, managers, and their peers.

Focus on and Celebrate What Matters

Team Feeds are designed to centralize communication and performance tracking with automated and lightweight ways for teams to share wins, collaborate, and provide new levels of transparency. They are configurable and can integrate with tools, like Salesforce or Zendesk, to automatically post when a sales opportunity is closed-won or a new perfect CSAT score is given. These updates can be used to quickly engage with your team and celebrate wins together through Team Feeds. These channels allow for ongoing feedback and conversations across the organization.

Team Feeds Fit Your Organization

What’s also great about Team Feeds is the customizability. Organizations can help focus on what matters because metrics alerts are powered by Pathlight’s Performance Intelligence Platform and are matched with the team’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Metric alerts can be triggered when a metric increases, decreases, or an individual or team hits their goal or exceeds their goal. And to avoid maintenance overhead or the proliferation of too many channels, like everything else in Pathlight, Team Feeds are structured to the org chart.

Develop a Culture of Excellence in Your Organization

GIFts and Team Feeds augment Pathlight’s powerful and highly regarded suite of coaching and communications capabilities. With these new features, customers have even more tools to help promote and spread cultural company values. They can proactively shine a positive spotlight on the data-driven performance of people and teams for a more encouraging and uplifting experience. When you enable your customer-facing teams to take ownership of their own performance with data and provide ways for positive encouragement and celebrations, you improve employee happiness and engagement.

To see GIFts and Team Feeds in action for yourself, request a demo today!

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