Announcing AI-enabled Quality Assurance and Workforce Management in Pathlight!

Pathlight’s Performance Intelligence combined with Workforce Management and QA ensures quality engagements while boosting CX team efficiency and performance.

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August 10, 2023
Trey Doig
Trey Doig
June 21, 2022
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CX teams – like others – are being asked to do more with less. While this is almost always the case, it’s likely a more significant priority now leaving leaders trying to find efficiencies whenever and wherever they can. They’re trying to increase performance and productivity with new technologies and with the staff they have. According to the 2022 CCW State of Contact Center Technology, the number one priority for these leaders is to “reduce operating costs and/or boost productivity.” 

It's time for CX leaders to rethink the manual, time-consuming approach and switch to a modern performance intelligence platform. 

We’re excited to announce AI-enabled Quality Assurance and Workforce Management to help CX leaders remove operational roadblocks, deliver exceptional experiences, and achieve better business outcomes. Bringing performance intelligence, performance management, engagement, QA, and WFM into one application makes it easy for executives, managers, and the frontline to all align on expectations and performance in realtime.

The power of AI-enabled Quality Assurance for delivering top-notch customer experience

Customer expectations are on the rise with 75% of support leaders reporting higher customer expectations. Delivering exceptional customer service is crucial for driving loyalty and lifetime value. According to recent research, 83% of consumers say good customer service is the most important factor—outside of price and product—when deciding what to buy, and 75% of customers are willing to spend more with businesses that give them a good customer experience.

There’s obvious ROI in providing good customer experience. The problem lies in knowing not just IF your team is doing a good job, but quickly and easily understanding where you may be falling short. And this applies whether it’s in knowledge, training, or processes – and still identifying opportunities to improve. In addition, while CSAT surveys are great, they don’t give you a clear understanding of customer service performance. Monitoring, analyzing, and scoring the quality of every interaction is crucial for achieving business results. 

Pathlight’s new AI-enabled Quality Assurance makes QA processes for reviewing customer interactions across email, chat, and phone support smarter, faster, and frictionless. We’ve leveraged the best in AI, while keeping the “human in the loop.” We believe that AI can speed up the QA process and make things simpler and more efficient for graders, enabling them to grade a larger volume of interactions and securing a higher level of QA coverage.

The easy-to-deploy platform integrates with any support channel, offers intuitive UI with a side-by-side scorecard and interaction view, and leverages AI and machine learning to automatically identify communication patterns that don’t meet company standards. With realtime insights and built-in annotations, customer service managers are equipped with what they need to deliver focused feedback and ensure interactions meet company standards and customer expectations.

With Pathlight QA, customers get:

  • Omnichannel Support: Monitor, analyze and score conversations across email, chat, and phone.
  • Custom Scorecards: Customize scorecards to meet your business and support needs. 
  • Automatic Assignments: Assign tickets to graders based on tags, ticket status, and other fields.
  • Scorecard Correlation: Automatically correlate CSAT with quality scores for individuals and teams.
  • Annotations: Highlight specific text or interactions to deliver focused feedback to team members. 
  • Sentiment Analysis: Automatically analyze agent interactions to extract tone and sentiment. 
  • Grammar and Spelling: Leverage built-in AI to detect grammar and spelling errors in agent interactions.  
  • Phrase Tracking: Quickly identify phrases specified by customer or agent to deliver realtime feedback.
  • Root-cause Analysis: Drill down QA scores to identify specific interactions that caused poor CSAT, customer churn, and more. 
  • Grade Sharing & Appeals: Automate grade sharing and ensure fairness through an integrated appeal process.
  • Grade the Grader: Create custom scorecards to grade the scored scorecards to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Workforce Management: Getting the right people at the right time in the right place

You might be asking yourself now or in the near future, “Do I have enough agents for the upcoming “busy season?” Then you might wonder if you’ve scheduled all the right agents to handle customer engagements across the customer service channels you use – and are they scheduled at the right times? 

Things like scheduling and tracking the attendance of your frontlines don’t have to be a pain. But it still is for many organizations, especially for those who are using spreadsheets. No wonder, Gartner predicts that by 2025, 45% of large enterprises with hourly-paid workers and variable demand for labor will use automation to drive workforce scheduling decisions.

Overall, the goal of a WFM tool is to increase efficiency through better-planned labor forecasting, reduce staffing costs, and drive increased transparency and predictability for a better employee experience. But without technology in place, the time-consuming, manual nature and complexity of this task eats into those goals preventing managers from focusing on what really matters.

This is where Pathlight’s Workforce Management solutions can help, and offer cost and efficiency gains. With Pathlight’s workforce management capabilities, leaders and managers can effectively forecast and schedule agents to stay on top of support volume and streamline support operations to meet demand at scale. It ensures the right number of agents, with the right skill sets, are staffed at the right time. With Pathlight, fewer manual processes mean staffing requirements better match demand and frees up the manager to focus on helping employees succeed, leading to better business outcomes. Current and future customers should speak with their CSM or sales contact to inquire about joining the private beta.

These are exciting innovations for CX leaders and teams looking to maximize efficiency and performance. By combining Performance Intelligence with QA and WFM capabilities, we’re streamlining customer support workflows to reduce effort, optimize efficiency, and boost performance and productivity. Additionally, these efforts help businesses engage, retain and nurture talent in the long run. 

Our customers are seeing significant improvements in CSAT, double-digit decreases in average handling time, and significant ROI within weeks of implementing Pathlight. We can’t wait to help your team! Schedule a demo of Pathlight today!

Want to see a custom demo of Pathlight or get help finding the right plan? We'd love to chat.

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