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Achieve Greatness with Mini Goals

All great organizations set goals to create alignment and keep their teams focused on what’s most important. And time and time again, we see that careers can be made— or broken— by an employee’s ability to hit these goals.

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August 11, 2023
Andrez Cardona
Andrez Cardona
September 23, 2021
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Achieve Greatness with Mini Goals
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All great organizations set goals to create alignment and keep their teams focused on what’s most important. And time and time again, we see that careers can be made— or broken— by an employee’s ability to hit these goals. Typically, companies set annual goals at a high level, and then those are broken down by departments and then into quarterly or monthly goals, which get communicated to teams and individuals.

A familiar problem for customer-facing teams is that quarterly or monthly goals can often seem too distant or difficult to achieve. Individuals might feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, or discouraged when they look at the overall plan. And the worst-case— but all too common— scenario is getting to the end of the month and realizing just how far behind you are, and that you can’t make it up in time.

The root cause of this problem is a lack of realtime visibility into performance. At Pathlight, we believe knowing how you or your team is performing should be as easy as checking the weather. You should be able to wake up every day and, in a matter of seconds, know how you’re doing at work. With realtime access to performance data, you can coach your team more regularly, and when someone is falling behind, you can set Mini Goals to help course correct.

Pathlight Mini Goals allow leaders to break long-term goals into more granular and achievable steps, which helps drive team performance. For example, a sales team can set a Mini Goal for the number of calls they need to make daily. A customer support manager may set a Mini Goal for the number of tickets that need to be closed by the end of the week. With Mini Goals, you can drive real results and success.

Real Results from Mini Goals

Pathlight customers who implemented Mini Goals over the past six months witnessed undeniable performance improvements. On average, seven days after setting a Mini Goal, CX teams saw a 14-32% improvement on their goal.

  • A top Australian retailer saw +14%
  • One high-growth, direct-to-consumer brand saw +32%
  • An on-demand staffing agency saw +25%

A $2B inside sales team at a tech company saw their SDR performance increase by 21% on average. This resulted in two additional opportunities created per rep each month, translating into an additional $90M in pipeline generated per year. The data doesn’t lie— Pathlight Mini Goals help teams hit their goals.

By giving everyone instant visibility into their performance and breaking down large goals into Mini Goals, organizations are getting huge returns on their employee’s efforts. People are significantly more focused on completing their most important tasks, which has a direct, positive impact on the organization's ability to hit its overall goals.

At a time where hybrid work has become increasingly popular, this level of visibility and accountability is vital to organizational health.

Encouraging Success, One Mini Goal At a Time

Mini Goals help employees build good habits and strengthen their goal achievement muscle. By setting manageable, bite-sized targets, you and your team will reach your goals more quickly and consistently.

In Pathlight, you can set a Mini Goal for yourself or for someone on your team in just a few clicks. Performance is then tracked against that Mini Goal in real time, and progress is automatically communicated to stakeholders. Everyone is on the same page about expectations and outcomes.

Managers can also create Mini Goal contests for their teams— a great way to motivate everyone with leaderboards and have a little fun with an incentive!

Pathlight Mini Goals

Success Is In Your Hands

The first step towards achieving a goal is understanding the pain points that your team is facing when they’re trying to tackle it. With Pathlight, you have the data to track performance, identify areas that need attention, and manage and motivate your team.

At Pathlight, our mission is to empower everyone to achieve their professional best. Big goals can be hard to tackle– but with Mini Goals, you and your team will be surpassing expectations in no time.

Reach out to our sales today to learn more about using Pathlight’s Mini Goals feature.

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