We started Pathlight with one goal: to help sales managers.

There are so many amazing tools and resources for individual sales reps. Modern companies even have specific monthly "sales tool budgets". Shockingly, managers – those essential employees – have been overlooked for years. Right now, when a new sales manager is promoted or hired, they are effectively given a blank whiteboard and told to go perform the department's most important job on their own.

What ends up happening next? The new manager spends 2 years reinventing the wheel. They read the same blog posts, make the same mistakes, and eventually wind up in the same place. Then, when they get promoted to a director or VP, the cycle begins again.

Trey and I, having both been through this grinder multiple times over the past 5 years, set out to find a faster and more efficient path. So we interviewed hundreds of successful managers, analyzed their systems and processes, and distilled that knowledge into Pathlight.

We wanted to build a tool that a new manager could use on Day 1 and skip 2 years of pain and mistakes. We wanted to build a tool that would finally let the senior manager do the things they've always wanted to do in a fraction of the time. So we built Pathlight.

We hope you like it and we hope we can make your life easier.

Alexander Kvamme


Alexander Kvamme
Alexander Kvamme

Co-founder & CEO. Alex grew up in the Bay Area, went to school in North Carolina, and came back in 2010 to work on the growth team at LinkedIn. In 2011, he started SeatMe, a restaurant technology startup that was acquired by Yelp in 2013. He left Yelp in 2015 to start Pathlight. When he's not annoying Trey, he likes to play guitar, cook, and pretend to exercise.

Trey Doig
Trey Doig

Co-founder & CTO. Trey grew up and went to school in North Carolina before moving out west. After a few years, he found himself working with Alex at SeatMe as their principal architect and engineer. Not long after that – after engineering headcount quickly tripled at Yelp – he found himself managing multiple teams and wishing there was a better way. His hobbies include BMX, avoiding haircuts, and animal husbandry.

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