Managing people is hard. We're here to help.

It all began with a deep appreciation for how challenging it is to be a great manager. We know - we've built and worked with teams of all sizes, and have observed that companies live and die by the ability of their managers to turn leadership strategy into daily frontline realities.

We wanted to build a solution that allowed the C-suite to roll out their vision of speed, transparency, and digitization; that helped the front line embrace and execute the change; that allowed managers to facilitate turning that vision into a reality.

So we built Pathlight.

Meet The Team



Alex grew up in the Bay Area, went to school in North Carolina, and came back in 2010 to work on the growth team at LinkedIn. In 2011, he started SeatMe, a restaurant tech startup that was acquired by Yelp in 2013. After increasing SeatMe’s customer base by 1000%, he left Yelp in 2015 to start Pathlight. Alex is also an active startup investor, advisor, and board member.



Trey grew up and went to school in North Carolina before moving out west. In 2011, he found himself working with Alex at SeatMe as their principal architect and engineer. Not long after SeatMe’s acquisition by Yelp, where engineering headcount quickly tripled, he found himself managing multiple teams and wishing there was a better way. His hobbies include BMX, avoiding haircuts, and animal husbandry.

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