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Empowering everyone to achieve their professional best.

We started Pathlight because we were tired of reinventing the wheel. When you start your first job, you have to figure out how to manage yourself. Then you become a manager, and you have to figure out how to manage and motivate people. These are hard problems, but they are not new. Now that all of our work happens in the Cloud, there is finally an opportunity to build a new, transformational solution.

Our vision is to empower everyone to achieve their professional best. The first step in achieving that vision is to build a platform that allows everyone to know exactly how they are doing and how they can improve. We all deserve to have this information – unbiased and in real-time – and we shouldn't have to interpret a dashboard, juggle 20 tabs, or create a pivot table to get it. You certainly shouldn't have to wait for someone else to tell you at your next 1-on-1. It should be as easy as checking the weather.

Something magical happens when a person, a team, or an entire org knows exactly how they are doing and what they need to focus on. They get better, quickly. They get better, together. We built Pathlight to help every single person be their professional best. And we’ve just begun.

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About us

Pathlight’s performance intelligence platform analyzes data and applies AI coaching to help employees answer a simple question – 'How am I doing and how can I improve?’. Pathlight gives employees everything they need to manage themselves and hit their goals, and gives leadership instant insights into how their teams are performing.

Our vision is to empower millions of people to achieve their professional best.

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Our Founders

Alexander Kvamme

Alexander Kvamme

Co-founder and CEO

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Trey Doig

Trey Doig

Co-Founder and CTO

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