Supercharge your frontline managers

Pathlight’s automation platform helps managers keep their teams on track.

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Welcome to Management Automation

Pathlight integrates with existing tools (like your CRM) to provide actionable data to your frontline managers so they can track, identify, and correct rep behavior in real-time. The result: your managers solve the right problems quickly, and have the time they need to coach their teams to success.


Consistent high performance

  • • Increase team productivity
  • • Increase deal conversion rates
  • • Decrease ramp times


Happier customers at a lower cost

  • • Increase customer satisfaction
  • • Resolve more cases, faster
  • • Decrease rep churn

Groundbreaking new platform

Create consistency, resolve issues faster, and give managers their day back

Instant data analysis

Pathlight’s always-on, automatic analysis intelligence engine sifts through every piece of data managers care about across every connected piece of your software stack.

One-click best practice management

Pathlight’s like management GPS: input your team’s goals and when your reps stray, they’ll get timely feedback with the guidance they need to course correct.

Paper trails

Whether you’re ready to promote a rep or put them on a PIP, Pathlight captures the data you need to evaluate rep performance over time.

Read-only, secure integrations

Integrating with your existing tools and data has never been easier: take a look at our approach to pain-free implementation.

Leading companies know it

74% of leading companies cite sales coaching and mentoring of sales reps as the most important role frontline sales managers play.

Better managers = Better profits

Coaching is responsible for a 17% performance increase for sales reps, 161% more sales wins, 26% more pipeline, 19% fewer losses.

Not enough time or insight

42% of managers don't think they have sufficient visibility into their team's activities and whether they are affecting results.

Instead of putting out fires, plant some seeds.

When managers can be more human, everyone wins

Not all minutes of a manager’s day are created equal. When Pathlight’s advanced data analysis engine handles the blocking and tackling, your managers have more time for:

  • Individualized coaching and 1:1s
  • Sitting in on meetings and calls
  • Hiring their next team member
  • Strategic meetings and projects

Management in the age of automation, machine learning, and neural networks

Are you ready to manage the workforce of tomorrow?

The next decade will see an incredible shift in labor force

The way we do work and the composition of the workforce is changing. This is a massive opportunity, but also introduces serious new demands on your managers.

As the nature of work evolves, Pathlight ensures you’re ready for it.

“[As] people [shift] to new roles and tasks...companies will require a strategy—and considerable management talent—to navigate this transition to the new age of automation.”

Michael Chui, McKinsey