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Managers and their teams use Pathlight every day to stay on the path to success. From real-time data analysis to one-click coaching to intelligent meeting agendas, Pathlight is the solution modern managers deserve.
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data into insights, automatically
Replace your 30 browser tabs with a single dashboard built for people management. Turn raw data – synced real-time from your core systems – into actionable insights, so you can identify trends, understand the context, and course correct in one click.
where you stand
Intelligent insights are delivered via email or Slack (and documented in Pathlight) containing highlights, trends, accomplishments, and personal milestones so you know exactly how you and your team are performing and you never forget a birthday.
in one click, anywhere
Send coaching, highlight top performers, and communicate new priorities to your team in minutes. Insert dynamic graphs and goals into your content so your story is always grounded in data.
data-driven agendas
Always be prepared for team meetings and one-on-ones. Schedule agendas to be automatically created before meetings and prefilled with snapshots and analysis of key behaviors, trends, and goals. Add comments and action items to make sure progress is being made.
from the best
Create templates, share best practices, and access data about your performance as a manager. Visibility to leadership means more recognition for great managers and more guidance for developing managers.
your core systems
One-click out-of-the-box API integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Outreach, Github, etc., and custom data warehouse connections so you can consolidate critical data. Receive alerts and take action against this data via our Slack app.
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