Stop worrying about quota.

Pathlight is the best software platform for managing a sales team. We help forward-thinking frontline sales managers effortlessly lead their teams to success every day.

Introducing Sales Management Automation

Sales managers are the key to creating a consistent, repeatable, and productive sales process. Unfortunately, they also have one of the hardest jobs around — there are too many things to do, too many items to track, and not enough time. Pathlight’s powerful automation platform helps sales managers streamline their most important and manual tasks.

Managers can get more done, make fewer mistakes, and spend more time on what’s important: leading their teams to success.

Threat Detect New

No more end-of-quarter surprises.

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Team Tracker

One place to manage your team.

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Focus on the right deals.

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Built for Sales Managers, by Sales Managers

We live and breathe sales management. Our only goal is to empower every sales manager (rookie or veteran) to guide their team to overachieve quarter-in and quarter-out.

Spend more time where it counts

When managers have more time and mental bandwidth for their team, amazing things happen. Productivity increases, teams become more consistent, and employee satisfaction skyrockets.

Value for new managers and grizzled veterans

New managers need guidance. Senior managers need optimization. Pathlight ensures new managers are following best practices Day 1 and senior managers can manage bigger teams and more projects in less time.

Trouble on the horizon?

Threats to your quota that announce themselves

Modern cloud-based sales stacks generate tons of data. Unfortunately most sales managers don’t have a ton of free time to sift through the haystack looking for needles. We built Threat Detect to be your always-on, data-obsessed sales ops analysis team. In real-time, it analyzes every activity, every opportunity, and every rep on your team to surface actionable information for sales managers to save the day.

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Good managers make all the difference


more revenue


more reps on plan


less rep churn

Customized for your org

Every sales team is different. Pathlight can be completely customized to fit any sales process, velocity, and structure. Whether your run a high velocity inside sales shop or a team of tactical field reps, Pathlight will discover the information you need to lead, deliver it the moment you can act, and celebrate another quota slain.

Consistent, Industry Beating Best-Practices

Pathlight turns frontline sales managers into always-improving superheroes that gain amazing new powers every month. Our world-class engineering team is pioneering sales management automation by analyzing and improving every facet of the sales process. Because our software is always watching, you can confidently turn your attention up the value chain, positioning your team for scalable growth.

Growing Painkiller

Growing pains drive good sales managers to make bad decisions. Sales organizations using Pathlight scale predictably because their managers have the bandwidth to onboard new reps diligently, and can support their reps in real-time at critical junctures.Finally, the organization can promote its reps into management knowing our software will guide their decision-making from Day 1.