Managing people is hard. We're here to help.

Better management creates better business performance. Pathlight is the first intelligent platform built for frontline managers and the organizations they help lead. 

Introducing Management Automation, the first software platform built for the day-to-day management of people.

Pathlight for Teams (Beta)

Be a top tier manager in 10 minutes a day. Pathlight automates the science of management so you can focus on the art.

Pathlight for Enterprise

Great management at scale means executives are connected directly to the front line, and can drive alignment and performance globally.

Managing people is hard. We're here to help.

It all began with a deep appreciation for how challenging it is to be a great manager. We know - we've built and worked with teams of all sizes, and have observed that companies live and die by the ability of their managers to turn leadership strategy into daily frontline realities.

We wanted to build a solution that allowed the C-suite to roll out their vision of speed, transparency, and digitization; that helped the front line embrace and execute the change; that allowed managers to facilitate turning that vision into a reality.

So we built Pathlight.

World-class managers can benefit any department and any organization


Increase customer satisfaction by maximizing manager productivity, visibility, and success.


Sell faster, smarter, and more consistently. Get managers back on the floor and out of reports.


Stay on top of the queue regardless of what fires spring up. Quickly react to changing conditions.


Easily drive diversity, inclusion, and new hire initiatives across the global organization.


Maintain consistent standards while improving talent retention and manager bandwidth.


Reduce cost and effort by seamlessly integrating best practices into frontline managers' daily routines.


Unlock new levels of recruiter productivity and streamline candidate management.


Improve support levels and SLAs so the larger organization can continue to grow and thrive.

Pathlight is the first platform that managers use every day to keep their teams on track and successful. Our team would love to help you understand how Pathlight can work for you.