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Pathlight's next-generation business intelligence platform helps human-driven organizations execute nimbly and achieve their goals consistently.

Welcome to Management Automation

Large, complex, human-driven organizations face the challenge of creating consistency every day in an inconsistent, chaotic world. Pathlight is a new platform built expressly for these types of complex orgs, empowering stakeholders at every level of the org to execute quickly and always in line with strategic priorities. We call this Management Automation.


Increase productivity, decrease ramp times, and achieve consistent high performance

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Increase customer satisfaction and decrease rep churn for happier customers at a lower cost

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Ops & Retail

Enable the entire org to march to the beat of one drum

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Groundbreaking new platform

Connect to the front line, create consistency, and course-correct with ease

Instant data analysis

Pathlight’s always-on, automatic analysis engine sifts through every piece of data you care about across every connected piece of your software stack. Take a look at our approach to pain-free integration.

One-click best practices

Pathlight’s like management GPS: select from our list of top org priorities - or create your own - and when reps stray, they’ll get timely feedback with the guidance they need to course correct.

Global visibility

Executives can access global roll-ups or drill into performance at any level, understanding the inputs and outputs of every department's, team's, or individual's performance.

Convert strategy to tactics fast

Use Pathlight's game-changing platform to communicate strategy to the front line instantly. Paths provide the structure needed to implement new initiatives and pilots in a matter of days.

More effective management works

Coaching is responsible for a 17% performance increase for sales reps, 161% more sales wins, 26% more pipeline, 19% fewer losses.

Leading companies know it

74% of leading companies cite sales coaching and mentoring of sales reps as the most important role frontline sales managers play.

Not enough time or insight

42% of managers don't think they have sufficient visibility into their team's activities and whether they are affecting results.

What's the secret?

Better Managers = Better Profits.

Frontline managers are the fulcrum of high-performing organizations. With Pathlight’s advanced data analysis engine in their corner, pushing critical information and handling the blocking and tackling, managers:

  • Always coach against strategic priorities
  • Have more time for individualized coaching
  • Hold more effective 1:1s
  • Onboard new reps faster

Management in the age of automation, machine learning, and the "Amazon effect"

Are you leading the organization of tomorrow?

The organization of the future demands agility, adaptability, and near-perfect execution.

The way we do work and the composition of the workforce is changing. This is a massive opportunity, but also introduces serious new demands and a need to steer the ship ever faster. Every level of the organization not only needs to know exactly what’s going on, but must be able to instantly activate the right stakeholders to execute quickly.

As the nature of work evolves, Pathlight ensures you’re ready for it.

“[As] people [shift] to new roles and tasks...companies will require a strategy—and considerable management talent—to navigate this transition to the new age of automation.”

Michael Chui, McKinsey

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