Be the organization of the future

Pathlight is revolutionizing the way human-driven organizations are operated, so they can compete in a fast-paced future.

Introducing Management Automation

Getting a large and complex organization aligned and productive is a herculean effort. Not anymore.

Identify key behaviors

Pathlight’s advanced data enrichment and analysis platform helps you identify opportunities to drive business outcomes, from productivity to efficiency.

Manage behaviors automatically and at scale

In minutes, Pathlight manages frontline employees against key behaviors, providing each individual with personalized and actionable guidance powered by machine learning.

Watch your org change in real-time

Stakeholders (from execs to managers) have complete visibility, and can access global dashboards or drill into performance at any level of the org chart in real-time.

Iterate and adapt on the fly

When you can see the impact of every change immediately, you can intelligently accelerate your performance and improve your business outcomes.

The possibilities are endless

Imagine hundreds or thousands of frontline employees marching to the beat of the same drum, and showing up to work each day knowing exactly what to focus on. Imagine your managers actually having time to manage. That’s Management Automation.

Grow Smarter

A growing org is a learning org: you’re learning how to produce, how to hire, and much more. Pathlight helps you roll out these learnings in days, not months.

Move Faster

The most successful companies are also the fastest. Pathlight can help your large organization quickly respond to market dynamics and strategic shifts.

Be Consistent

Whether required by the board or the government, consistency and compliance are essential to long-term success. Pathlight ensures nothing falls through the cracks and that every frontline employee is properly managed.

Be More Human

When Pathlight takes care of ensuring each team member is on track and aligned with strategic goals, managers have more time to be human, and that’s a great thing for the bottom line.

Turn data into business outcomes

Whether you run a large inside sales team, a field support organization, or a chain of fulfillment centers around the world, success means getting hundreds or thousands of frontline employees working in unison and towards common goals.

At the heart of Pathlight is the groundbreaking ability to turn raw data into behaviors that drive successful outcomes. Never before have leaders and managers been able to drive such consistency and manage through change so predictably at scale.

“[As] people [shift] to new roles and tasks...companies will require a strategy—and considerable management talent—to navigate this transition to the new age of automation.”

Michael Chui, McKinsey

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