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Welcome to Enlightened Sales Management.

A manager’s time is precious. They shouldn’t have to waste precious hours each day wading through data and refreshing dashboards. Pathlight is every manager’s always-on, data-obsessed sales ops analysis team. It analyzes sales data in real-time to surface actionable information and give managers true visibility.

Refresh less, manage more.

With Pathlight, managers have more time to spend with their team. They know that Pathlight is always watching and will alert them the moment their team is off track.

Detect & correct in hours, not days.

Managers protect your revenue from deal mismanagement, productivity dips, and much more. Pathlight helps them identify and fix these issues before they do damage.

Automate consistency.

A manager using Pathlight is already managing towards the org’s goals, regardless of their seniority. Say goodbye to team unpredictability.

Managing people is hard

Frontline managers need support

We spend so much time focusing on optimizing the sales rep, and yet we ignore the manager. They’re the ones converting your strategies into daily tactics. They determine whether reps are happy and productive or disgruntled and checked-out. The demands on sales managers are urgent and the stakes are high: misdiagnosing one problem, neglecting one issue, or overlooking one opportunity may mean missing quota. Pathlight is the first company dedicated to making every manager successful.

1. Forge your paths

Create paths for each high level team goal, whether it’s closing more deals, increasing productivity, consistent forecasting, or something else.

2. Get alerted

Pathlight scans your sales data in real-time and alerts managers when reps go off path. Managers know exactly what issues to fix.

3. One-click coaching

Managers can flag alerts for coaching in one-click. Their rep gets notified and they have an automatic papertrail for 1:1s and pipe dives.

See for yourself

In 17 minutes we can show you how Pathlight can help every manager in your org be successful, month in and month out.

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Customized for your process

Every org is different and each CRM instance has its own “peculiarities”. Pathlight is built to handle your unique needs and priorities.

Ready for custom rules

Reflect your sales team’s unique considerations by setting precise rules.

White glove setup

Your dedicated account management team will ensure that Pathlight has been perfectly tailored for your needs. Learn more here.

Managers: Stop refreshing dashboards

The data is there. It just takes a PhD and 12 browser tabs to find it.

Sit back and let Pathlight tell you where you need to look.