Compete in a faster future

Pathlight helps top companies convert executive strategy into frontline action and achieve results faster than ever before.

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Pathlight's cloud-based software solution helps strategic leaders drive change to the front line with unparalleled speed.

Pathlight's groundbreaking platform enables a small group of strategic leaders to – for the first time – drive change and business outcomes across global organizations quickly and consistently. We make this possible by connecting leadership to the front line, using advanced data analysis and machine learning to automatically convert global strategies into daily, actionable instructions.

The Key to your fast-paced future

Introducing Management Automation

Imagine rolling out a new initiative or responding to market conditions in days, not months. Imagine thousands of employees showing up the next day knowing exactly how to support the change. That's Management Automation with Pathlight.

Faster execution powered by augmented management

Managing people is incredibly difficult and rarely innovated upon. Yet, without management, leadership fails to bring their vision to life. The future will demand excellence and greater speed – leading companies will be the best managed companies. Management Automation activates your management layers to keep your organization competitive in a fast-paced future.

Pathlight's Management Automation supercharges the way you operate

Leadership can now operationalize its most important strategic priorities with speed and consistency, while providing a better employee experience.


Spend your time executing critical work, not communicating it. Pathlight rolls out your top strategic priorities to the front line faster, so you can respond to market dynamics and implement strategic shifts quickly. 


Whether required by the board or the government, consistency and compliance are essential to long-term success. Pathlight ensures nothing falls through the cracks by helping frontline employees develop the best habits for success.

Happy Employees

Better management means happier employees. Pathlight's actionable instructions for the front line propel clarity, objectivity, and transparency throughout the organization, giving employees the benefit of bias-free support and more time with their human managers. 

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"[As] people [shift] to new roles and tasks... companies will require a strategy — and considerable management talent — to navigate this transition to the new age of automation."

Michael Chui, McKinsey

"Only 14% of CXOs are highly confident their organizations are ready to fully harness Industry 4.0’s changes."

Deloitte Review, 2018

"Decision makers are too often caught in traditional, linear (and non-disruptive) thinking or too absorbed by immediate concerns to think strategically about the forces of disruption and innovation shaping our future."

Klaus Schwab, Chairman World Economic Forum

Discover key behaviors

Pathlight’s advanced data enrichment and analysis platform helps you identify opportunities to drive business outcomes, from productivity to efficiency.

Drive behaviors automatically and at scale

In minutes, Pathlight manages frontline employees against key behaviors, providing each individual with personalized and actionable guidance powered by machine learning.

Watch your org change in real-time

Stakeholders (from execs to managers) have complete visibility, and can access global dashboards or drill into performance at any level of the org chart in real-time.


Every department benefits

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Drive Productivity

Whether sales, ops, or fulfillment, Pathlight helps your front line stay focused on the right activities to increase revenue and output.

Improve Compliance

Help your managers prioritize ethical and compliant behavior on their teams while balancing the needs of the business.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Set your behavior goals, and let Pathlight reveal deep insights so managers can provide individualized coaching to improve customer experience.

Supercharge Digital Transformation

Pathlight codifies the digital behaviors you want to drive, helping every employee understand expectations and giving leadership global real-time insight.